Ok I understand going with your marketing but Buckley has gone overboard!

by Evan-M
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I got the flu, and bought the new bucklys mucus cough syrup
OMG they really went with the tastes awful bit here.

You guys have no idea! lol

My wife went to pick it up, when she got back and gave it to me, I put it on the spoon, and it literally smells like hair dye. But even worse, it tastes just as bad.

I thought to myself for around 20 seconds , what have I done for her lately, is she trying to off me.

after 20 seconds, My gut told me no, but my head told me yes. I took it anyway becuase this flu is going to kill me anyway lol

only been 20 min so the works part is still up for debate , but man, they really could use some sugar in this one. Original bucklys was fine, I could stomach that, but this OMG! lol My eyes watered when I took it. It knocks the wind out of you.

just try and picture a concoction of hair dye mixed with paint thinner.

if my butt hair turns blond ill apologize to bucklys and divorce my wife

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