So ... what do YOU drive? (Post pics)

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Hey guys

Allright I thought I'll make another "post your car pics in here".

So ... what do YOU guys drive?

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    its not much but it gets me around

    the merc looks great / black tough to keep clean thats for sure

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    Sinclair C5

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    2010 Nissan Sentra.

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    My son's baby stroller.

    Project HERE.

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    I thought cars where expensive in Germany until I moved to Malaysia. Back in Germany I could afford an Audi TT (which I loved to drive), but here the prices are double to triple because of the high taxes. I downsized to a Hyundai ;-)
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    my car but not this version its a imprezza but this is the rally version mines not that modded like the car here. still looking to soup mine up soon mind nice cars.


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    I drive Pat, Kurt, and Kim to total distraction.

    Actually, Total Distraction is a club where we hang and

    Hmmm... now that I think of it, that would be a great name
    for a club. Ha!

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    I take public bus...
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    I drive brains crazy.
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      My current car (it's my first one):-

      My next car:-

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    this one
    Attachment 6031

    My blog

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    Im looking at buying this, once my property development settles. Its a 2005 BMW 5 series.


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    But does your drive love you back?

    Here's mine...

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      DAMN, Ken - I like yours better than mine! I love horses with a passion. Worst thing about living here is no horses to ride!

      I don't take pictures of my car - it's transportation. I drive a several years old SUV with all the bells and whistles - and it's been paid for since I got it. That's my favorite kind of car - paid for.

      But I'd rather have a horse....
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    Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

    But I'd rather have a horse....

    I've always loved mustangs. They're tough little dudes. Not only are
    they beautiful, but they have spirit.

    I have not been on horses too much in my life, but it would be cool
    to live someplace where I could have one and ride it around.

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    Right now, an Acura MDX. I honestly never cared much about cars till recently. I've been watching too much Top Gear though and am starting to get the "car bug", haha. Planning on a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Lotus Exige S when I make the big move to California.
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    I drive a support to have a Honda VTi, now with a Toyota.


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    Personally, I think everyone should drive a Reliant Robin. They're very safe and stable and never tip over.

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    OK...I couldn't resist. These are some of the toys I've owned in the past couple most recent is the last one at the bottom. I drive a Silverado now (no pics yet)...yes I am a hill billy and yes I have an addiction for motorcycles and such.

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    I drive myself,round the bend when I see everyones cool rides that I can't afford lol
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    WOW !! nice BMW i love those cars. My dad has one its a 330 and i love drive that car.. One day i hope buy one.
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    And if you believe this ... I've got some desert property along the CA coast I'd love to sell you ... rotflmao!
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