video convertin Muslims to Christians

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16million Americans are Southern Baptists, they see the war in Iraq
as a holy war, General William Boyken says his God is better than theirs.

I thought 'they' were having a holy war with us.

The video is in German with subtitles but worth watching and reading it,

The Iraq War lovers
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      Originally Posted by espacecadet View Post

      People forcing others to believe what they themselves believe make me sick. That's exactly why I dropped out of organized religion and will never return to it.

      More people have died because of religion than have died not because of it.
      I chose a faith that worships G-d, but doesn't proselytize others.


      Dorothy Carlson
      Phoenix Natural Health

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        We are no better than the extremists or radicals for Islam and other religions if our cause is not just to spread the faith but to use people for our own benefit. I don't think we need to remind other people here how the Crusades created havoc in the Holy Land. Inquisition, Jihad, ethnic cleansing, and all those evil instruments against humanity must be never used again. We live in the information age wherein we know better and to fight for what is universally right and restore peace between nations and religions through dialogue and what is ethically right in business. I guess the religion of money is too hard to resist that we begin to repeat the same mistakes all over again. I hope these radicals repent and save themselves from damnation!
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