How Much Do Google News Site Authors Make?

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I've heard and read all kinds of phenomenal revenue amounts that an "official" Google News Site can generate, and its greatest requirement is that the content and stories be nearly 100% original, PLUS, come from a "group" of different authors, rather than just one, single writer.

With that being said, I have this wonderful idea! Let's start a Google News Site writing team.

Been thinking about this for about 2 weeks now, and just from the mere mention of it, have one or two productive, dedicated, knowledgeable, and ethical individuals already expressing outstanding interest in forming a team like this.

I'll keep this short, for now. Just PM me or reply back with your interest, questions, concerns, or feedback on this concept.

Thank you for your cooperation.


K e n

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    I was read that sites approved in google news can generate good money with google adsense, because they can receive huge amount of traffic.
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    I bought a Google News website on eBay for $3500 a few years ago and resold it for $5000 a couple of years afterwards. It was a liberal American political blog

    Since I was not a US citizen, I left it to a couple of existing authors to run it. During that time, it made less than $200 in Adsense and around $70 in Blogads. I gave all that revenue to the authors.

    To really get good traffic, you really have to write breaking news that would come into the frontpage of Google News. This never happened when I owned the site. I was also aware that I could use the site for paid posts and for promoting my other sites. However, I did not want to because it could drive the authors away. In the end, I decided to sell the site because it used a obscure blog platform and the hosting was getting unreliable.


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      Thanks for your reply. I've been busy researching, writing and creating other online projects, so I just read your reply today.

      Thanks for sharing.

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