Too funny - Never ignore your domain expiry notice. Major NFL team Goofed.

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I'm sorry, but I'm cracking up right now. :p

My husband says to me, "I think the Dallas Cowboys' site has been hacked".

So I turned and looked at what he was talking about and I started to laugh, but before I said anything, I did a quick search.... - Pending deletion. (Expired November 2nd).

How STUPID can you be?? :confused:

Anyway - lesson: Never EVER neglect your domain renewal notices.

Okay they're a franchise so I don't think anyone could really steal it from them without major issues, but it goes to show you that someone could swipe your domain name if you let it go.

And even if not - they're going to have to pay a pretty penny to get it back LOL.

Sorry to any Dallas fans, but I'm still laughing

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    Heck they can't remember how to play football, how can they be expected to remember to renew a domain name

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    That is kind of scary yet kinda wonder who is gonna get fired for that fumble...
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    Never EVER neglect your domain renewal notices.
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