i need 3000 usd for my studies

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hi there, recently i caught in big financial problem and i have to pay 3000 usd or 150000 indian rupees to pay for my hostel+college fee. For this purpose i am thinking to sell my site studentlife.co.in will i be able to get that amount thru sell

P. S i m not selling my site yet otherwise it will be in that section, i just need advice from fellow members or if mods think its in wrong area, kindly move it
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    Well, the domain name is not that good, unless it is for india. The site didn't come up for me.

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    I agree I'm not getting anything either.
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      Hi there. I don't think that you will go nowhere near the required figure if you sell the site as it is now.
      But, as you said, you are not selling it yet.
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    Personally, I don't think the domain name is worth much. I think almost 100% of the value will have to come from CONTENT and interactive routines. Of course, we can't see that.

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    i knw this domain is country specific, but its my baby which i grew up(thats why its not in selling forum) but i know i have no option to bring me out of trouble instead of selling it. Hard luck. Anyways guys thank you
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      I checked a few categories - and all the posts I saw there seem to have been made this month...but I only checked 3-4 categories.

      The ads are not themed to the site, slow loading and some off formatting, too.

      Try to sell it and see what someone offers - it's the only way you'll know what it's worth.

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    The site looks very spammy and there is nothing what really worths $3k, I think you can sell it for domain reg fee.
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    You have to get your fundamentals right. If you want to sell a site for $3,000, then the site has to make at least $200 worth of profit per month. Then only it will interest the buyers. Try to sell it on Flippa and you will know the worth of your site.

    By the way, I tried to access your site and it tries to run some script which was stopped my browser. That's not good.
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    there is no such scripts in my sites, it may be because of pop ups. By the way i was asking 4 valuation of my site
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