Time For Some Green Day...

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Oh Yea!

(Just click the title banner at the top of the vid as apparently embedding has been disabled)

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    Green Day is ,well,awesome!
    Some say punk,some say rock, others say sellout, no matter what you say, i love listening to them!
    Thanks KJ!

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    i got another one kim, 'alternative'.

    (and even a little punky) yay 'welcome to paradise'

    they are half way decent i am going to listen to all the videos above and will bookmark.

    thanks billkilljoe

    so tempted to post a killingjoke vid here but don't want to go off topic.

    yeh welcome to paradise they are better than half way decent.

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      As a follower of Green Day from the very beginning, they have greatly changed
      their style over the years if you listen hard enough.

      Yes, some say they sold out. I look at it as more of a progression just as
      the Beatles progressed from their standard pop rock tunes of the early 60s
      to the more unusual sounding stuff of the Sergent Pepper era and beyond.

      I don't even know what to add, musically, to this thread, as Bill covered
      some of my favorite Green Day songs with the exception of maybe 21 Guns,
      but there is plenty of material out there for you folks to choose from, and a
      lot of it before they became, um, mainstream...a day I never thought would

      Now it's cool to love Green Day.

      Wasn't always so.
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    I forgot what a brilliant tune 'Basket Case' was,many thanks for the suggestion!
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