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While searching for a interesting video to add to one of my blogs I came across this and thought some dog lovers would like it.

Some dog trainers are grueling in their training and it isn't much fun for the dog, but you can tell this dog loves what he is doing. The owner and dog must have had a blast while learning this, very cool.

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    Really cute - they are both having a good time and the dog never stopped smiling the whole time. Talented dog and trainer.

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    This is a fantastic video, it just shows how much fun you can have with your dog, and how effective positive training methods are.

    Sadly, Rookie died in July 2008.
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    I Googled "The World's Coolest Dog" a couple of years and found that.

    Absolutely GREAT video!
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      Sadly, Rookie died in July 2008.
      Yeah, I was reading more about them last night and watched some other videos. I was really sad when I came across a post relating that Rookie had died in 2008. But he obviously had a really good life and lived for 15 years.

      Carol Scott now has another Golden Retriever nicknamed "Golden Alfie" and I saw some early training videos, looks like he will be the next Rookie.

      It's amazing people like Carol Scott, with her unwavering love and affection, that gives dogs a fulfilling and happy life. GO CAROL!
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    Best part of the whole video was at the very end where the dog jumped into her arms. Really cool.
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    I can't see the motion in the video due to my connection, but from the series of static pics it looks like the dog was dancing? Munchie used to like to dance, too - but we never had anything choreographed. Half the people I know couldn't do a choreographed dance. LOL. Great dog. Great owner. There's no better reward for a pet's best pal than to see the pet smile!

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    Awesome I love my Dog and kitten! I think our animal buddies' intelligence are very underestimated by most people...Wow how did she train that retriever to dance?!! Thanks for sharing
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      You couldn't get a dog to work like that with a check chain or an electric collar...
      Exactly, and there should never be a need for those types of training devices. A little dog psychology and a lot of love and patience will do it every time.

      It makes me sick when I see people using harsh training methods and tools, totally unnecessary. The only people I find who use those types of devices are the ones who don't care for their pets or are just too lazy to do it the right way.

      Glad you all like the video, hope it makes your day brighter like it does for me when I watch it.

      Here is a pic of my dog Sadie, she was a rescue and is truly my best friend and one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen.

      She is a Jack Russel Terrier and Poodle mix

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    Thanks for sharing that video! What a great example of mutual respect and love between a dog and it's human.

    Sadie is adorable too!
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    Nice share, thanks.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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        My Gracies had to spend a couple days at the vet recently. When I picked her up the vets and helpers were all laughing. Gracie knows she is not to jump up on people - at 70 lbs that's necessary training.

        So she was compensating and showing her excitement at seeing me again by hopping like a jackrabbit in circles around me. It was hilarious.

        I remember seeing Rookie years ago - amazing animal and a champion dancer.

        All animals are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Not being able to understand them is our failing - not theirs. The lemur experiment that was televised this week was fascinating and I've always loved the video of the crow who bends a piece of wire to use a tool in order to fish a treat out of a beaker.

        I think the term "dumb animals" should be reserved for the human species
        Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
        It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.

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    I think the term "dumb animals" should be reserved for the human species
    ROTFL, So true in a lot of cases

    Hope Gracie is OK and not anything major wrong with her. My Sadie is like that too when I pick her up from the groomers or the vet, she always has the biggest smile and lots of kisses for me.

    When we bring our pets to places like that and leave them, I think that our pets think we may not be coming back for them and when we do, they are ecstatic and overjoyed, and it really warms me inside to see that look on my Sadie's face when I first see her again.
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    What a great video.. both dog and owner are very cute! Thanks for sharing such a awesome video.
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    Nice both dog and trainer looks good. I do not like pets but after watching this i may change my thinking ..
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    Geez this dog's better co-ordinated than me!
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    I am not dog is way better trained than that hack....she can spend all day lying in my bed, then to top it off she can move to the couch...seriously no training what so ever. You can tell how happy that dog is, it is great.
    I used to live in England and I remember watching the sheep dog trails, they seemed to be on all the time back then, they were amazing, and you could tell they were happy doing what comes naturally to them. Not that dancing around is natural for this dog, mind you more natural then when I step onto the dance floor.

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