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Hello everyone,

I saw a movie about raw food in the last weeks (maybe you know it, there is some buzz about it). Anyways, I got really excited about that topic as my father is a type 2 diabetic.

He told me that it started with him suffering from hypoglycemia from time to time and the same goes for me now. There are some times when I just have to get sugar, my eyesight starts to blur and I even hear funny sounds, cold sweat etc...

I defintely don't want to have to poke me with a needle multiple times a day so I thought maybe I should change my nutrition.

Are there any raw food experts on this board? Raw food needs a lot of preparation (putting seeds into water etc) and I'm getting confused about how to get started, how to make my first purchase at the grocery store and so on.

Would be great if you had some guide for me about how to get started!

Thanks a lot

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    Hi Tashi,

    I'm no expert on raw food but I eat about 5 big salads per week (7 vegetables and 2 fruits). If you type "raw food" into Amazon, there seems to be plenty of books on the subject... raw food

    Maybe you could try searching for this on

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    Besides buying organic, I'm not sure what info you want but.......
    ThomM is educated in horticulture and can probably give you info on how to sprout seeds for things such as wheat grass or alfalfa sprouts.

    And don't forget that some foods are BETTER for you when cooked. For example - people want to get beta-caratene (sp?) so they eat carrots raw. Unfortunately, there are around 500 caratenes and the majority are inaccessible to absorption unless the carrot has been cooked, so you might want to eat cooked carrots or yams to get a rounded dose of helpful caratenes along with some raw carrots in your salads for the beta-caratene.

    It's the same way with tomatoes - there are wonderful elements in tomatoes - but the lycopene is more accessible to digestion after the tomato has been cooked, but the cooking can destroy the enzymes and some vitamins, so you want to eat them both ways.

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      Thank you very much for your tips so far.

      Yes I guess I'll buy some books. Seems like there are more and better books in English available, I'll look into buying some.

      I didn't know that some foods are better when cooked... So much to plan... But I can do this!

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