My 1000th Post. How Can I Help You?

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It is my 1000th post so I wanted to give a little something back to the Warrior Forum. I can remember when I joined the WF. It was like a whole new world with it's own special language.

Well I jumped right in and learned a lot from so many members here. Combining the WF with coursework, testing, trying and persistence, today I have a number of successful websites and a few select nationally know SEO clients.

Though I am always learning, I can share from my experience what has worked for me. If you are struggling with your website, need help with article marketing, not sure where to get started and need a recommendation, have an adsense question, need affiliate marketing tips or just want some general feedback send me a PM.

Thanks so much to all who have helped me. And for all those starting out, let me know how can I help you?
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