The Best Thing About Xmas?

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Hey Warriors,

Christmas is nearly upon us and for me the best thing about christmas being a father is watching my kids faces as they open their prezzies The excitment really gives me a lift

My question is at Xmas what does it for you?
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    Gather family and close friends together at one place.. sharing gifts and enjoying each other company.. opening a nice present in a warm place with those you love and hardly see.. I love Christmas!!!
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    Xmas markets beer and Gluwein.....Sing Christmas carols whilst p*** up.. LOL Best time of the year at my pub! It's not all about children and prezzies. Although that's good.

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    Mine would be watching my kids as they open their presents.

    Then having lunch with my family and dinner with my husbands family.

    And TRIFLE!!! Yum - love trifle!
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    Whooooooooooo Sheeza the trifle hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    You got to love it
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    The atmosphere is the best!
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  • just having family together is the best
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      being with family, sharing great food, making memories
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    The best thing for me is watching the grandkids open presents, knowing they'll be playing with all those flashy noisemakers at home driving their parents nuts instead of me.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    One IM'er I used to know would play some Christmas music every month of the year during his weekly online 'broadcasts'... It seemed he had found that the Christmas feeling was always great for the general mood of his participants... Who knows, there might be something to it...
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    My two favorite Christmas experiences were one year when I spent the day at Disney World with the big televised Christmas Parade and another year when the temperature made it into the 80s and I spent the day at the beach.

    And no ... I don't miss the snow.
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