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Hey guys,

I don't know if this goes in this section but I believe most internet marketers deal with tons of stress. It comes along with the business I suppose.

Anyhow, I've been at this for 10 years. I've had some great years, decent years and this year...this year has been extremely troubling for me. I went from making probably 70k per year to barely making $300 per week at this moment. I blew a lot of money in the past but I also saved some, just in case. My money has just about run dry now and at a bad time.

I was hit with a child support order yesterday in the amount of $540 per month...I know that does not sound like much but when you're struggling to make $300 per week and you have a mortgage, car payment and utilities where does that other money supposed to come from. I don't have any extra money to take care of myself now.

I'm not shying away from what I'm supposed to do and I never will. I want to take care of my son. I have him 50% of the time. I love my son to death...but I'm afraid. If I can not make the payments, I could face jail time. I've never had any problems with the law in my life. I am afraid now.

I've never had to depend on anyone for anything. I always help my family members. I do what I can....No ones in a position to help me, not ever. It feels bad when there's no one there. My sons mother, after we split, she started collecting welfare, section 8, etc., all her living expenses are paid by the gov't....my son is on her medical insurance policy which is why CSEA came after me for child support....I just feel as though the system is screwing fathers...I've always taken care of my son...Today was the first time I've ever felt like I completely have enough....I could barely look at my son...it hurts..

My advice though, if you are making good money online, put it away, dont blow it...I was rolling at one point...look at me now, scuffling for $300 per week article marketing...I never thought it would ever come to that.

I apologize for the rant but I don't have anyone to share my feelings with. I don't want to harm the integrity of this forum...but..I'm just having a hard time today...
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      *hug* It feels terrible to be so helpless but you have to think of your son to keep you strong. If you are not doing so well on the things you were thriving at before there are always other more sure fire ways.

      Find what you are good at and start freelancing, whatever you are good at. It might be grinding work to meet payments but its what you have to do. Let us know what you are good at and maybe some of us can hire your expertise?

      Don't give up, just work through it. Its easier said than done but you gotta try.
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    You will be alright!! You just have to go to the drawing board and start grinding. There is always tomorrow to look forward to.
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    I've been trying to stay positive. I haven't been this low in several years. I'm going to keep article marketing and hope that over the course of time the money will compound from month to month...I'll also try some offline marketing strategies as well.
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      Man, I dont know if this sentence is known all over the world but in Brazil we say that after the storm it always comes the sun.

      Be strong and transform this pressure in action. Go online/offline put your imagination to work and I'm sure you gonna get some money and things will be alright.

      All the best to you!
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    First, relax. It's good to let out your rant, as we all
    do once in a while,

    Now, don't feel you are the worst-hit. Yes, it's bad
    but others had it worse and got over it. You will
    too. I should write some motivational words to help
    you but I doubt if you need it. You just need a
    little break to clear your head and decide what to
    do to move your finances around. You just have to;
    there's no alternative to it, unless you want to
    end up in jail without seeing your son for a while.
    Not good, right - there. Think of the PAIN of not
    turning your life around, and the PLEASURE of
    turning your life around, and that should get you right
    on track.

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    Is The ONLY Coaching Program That Does 99% Of The Work
    So they EARN while they LEARN

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      I'm not going to ever give up. It'll take a little time to build things up again but my son is my motivation.

      I'm going to experiment with a few things I've seen here. I just need some quick cash until the article marketing builds up.
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    Bill, if you have made 70K a year in the past, what were you doing then to make that money and can you do that again? I know things change and some opportunities have their day and are no longer as profitable, but if it is something you can replicate can you start making money that way again?

    I know your frustration, although I haven't experienced it personally. Particularly if you have your son 50% of the time I think it's wrong that you pay that much in child support. I have a friend who is separated from her husband and he has the kids 7 nights a fortnight - so almost 50% off the time, I guess she has more 'day' time with them. Yet he still pays her quite a bit of child support and although she has school expenses and other expenses, I think it's wrong the way it's worked out. If you share custody 50/50 then you should pay equal amounts to his expenses, you should have one parent paying the other one so much.

    I hope you can scale up your work somehow and make everything work out Bill.

    Take care
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    Because you have developed valuable writing skills, I suggest that you pick up the phone and contact several SEO firms in your local area, and surrounding areas, and ask if they could use a good SEO article writer at a fair price.

    Prepare about 4 - 8 article samples for them and say you can show them a sample of your work. If they show interest, prepare an email introducing yourself and send them a follow up email that has your contact information.

    SEO firms often need writers and you may be able to get one or two of them to utilize your writing talents. You can request in that they pay you in advance through paypal, and this will bring in some quick additional money.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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    I'm in a similar position. No food, about to be homeless with kids, no Christmas, no friends or family to help at all. This is a horrible time of the year for this stuff to be happening.

    Good luck. I wish I knew what to say to help you, but I'm in the need of some good advice myself at the moment.
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      Originally Posted by Taylor French View Post

      I'm in a similar position. No food, about to be homeless with kids, no Christmas, no friends or family to help at all. This is a horrible time of the year for this stuff to be happening.

      Good luck. I wish I knew what to say to help you, but I'm in the need of some good advice myself at the moment.
      buddy it rips me when i read your story, your not alone , there are people who care is there anything that can give you / the OP a hand up ? what can people do to help you guys ?
      | > Choosing to go off the grid for a while to focus on family, work and life in general. Have a great 2020 < |
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        Originally Posted by tryinhere View Post

        buddy it rips me when i read your story, your not alone , there are people who care is there anything that can give you / the OP a hand up ? what can people do to help you guys ?
        It's just a rough patch. I'm sure it will get better after the holidays. It just seems like no one is buying anything at the moment.

        My business partners and I have released around 10 different products this month, and none of them have done well. I spent my last $20 to post a thread in the sites for sale section, and no one has bought anything, even though I reduced my prices drastically. I'm not even getting any sales to my services in the past few weeks. It's all just dried up completely at the worst possible time.
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    First you need to change your way of thinking, i know you are going through a hard time, but your mood will reflect every aspect of your life, including your work. Try to stay positive and have an attitude of "I can do this, it will work".

    You were making 70K, you can do it again, maybe take some of your most popular articles and rewrite them, or turn your articles into videos and submit them to youtube and other video sites, as videos rank high in google. A simple way to do this is, is by turning one of your articles into a PowerPoint presentation, then record this presentation using CamStudio or Camtasia. Read out the article while the presentation is running and you have created a video. Make sure you have the link to your site written on every page of the presentation. Use your keyword as the sites Title and put your link and keyword in the description section when uploading to youtube.

    I would look into why you need to pay that much in child support, if you have your child 50% of the time, then shouldn't your ex be paying you money to? I don't know anything about this, but it does not seem right.

    Stay positive, work hard and you will see good results again.
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    If you're going to point him to another thread, this one seems more appropriate:

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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      Originally Posted by Paul Myers View Post

      If you're going to point him to another thread, this one seems more appropriate:

      Way to derail the thread by giving the OP something that will actually benefit him....lol

      Yes...this seems more appropriate, indeed
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        This may sound stoopid... but I was there myself a few years back.

        The problem we face in these situations is that we revert to survival mode and mindset. And we act accordingly.

        It's tough, but you gotta focus on delivering the value and the money will take care of itself.

        I hope this helps you in some small way.
        Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
        You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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          I'm sorry to hear that Bill. The one good thing is that you know you've done well before ... it can be repeated/rebuilt with the right system & more time.

          The 2 suggestions I have (and I don't know if this is something you've been doing or tried or not), but:

          1. You could try to syndicate all the articles you have written into new forms of content like mgpweb mentioned above. If you have a computer (which you do), you can easily make audio mp3 recordings, videos, slides, etc. Then get it spread out there.

          2. You can look beyond internet marketing to bring in more money to get through things and get more stable. Yeah maybe getting a job you can handle or at least doing some sort of work that can bring in that extra $500 - 600 a month.

          Maybe develop your own offline business that you can sorta do "whenever". Something like creating & selling business cards (which you can do online) for ebay sellers, etsy sellers, people on facebook with small businesses etc.

          Getting stuff for free on Freecycle and flipping it on Craigslist. Buying low, selling high on Ebay. Maybe even something as simple as a "designated driver" service on the weekends around clubs, bars, etc ... or clearing brush, detailing cars, washing windows, etc.
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    I want to thank you guys for the support. I know things will get better eventually. I'm going to fight through this. I believe it may be setting up a success story. I'm going to work hard every day.

    I just thought things were getting ready to turn around and now this...

    I was thinking about doing some video marketing on youtube but I don't even have a camera right now. I'm hoping it's one of my Christmas presents.
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      Originally Posted by Bill_Lawrence View Post

      I was thinking about doing some video marketing on youtube but I don't even have a camera right now. I'm hoping it's one of my Christmas presents.

      If you want to make short videos showing things what's on your computer screen, you can use Jing (TechSmith | Jing, instant screenshots and screencasts, home). It can record all that's on your screen, plus the various actions you can perform with the Jing tols (e.g. highlight portions of your content, draw arrows, etc as you are explaining your content), plus it records your voice.

      Don't let the pro version confuse you. The free version does all these things too.

      (Of course, this is not like a full-fledged video, recording you sitting in a chair, but it's good for content.)

      Things will turn out well for you -- just don't let worry hold you back.
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  • Hang in there Bill!

    Keep your child first in your list of priorities and you will succeed.
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    youll make it, bill

    your recent posts have motivated starters like me and i pretty much believe that at the rate you are going, you will be as successful as alexa is in article marketing but it will take some time.
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    Bill, I'm sorry to hear things aren't going well for you today. I know this is easier said then done, but try to take things one day at a time. You'll meet any adversity that comes your way with the same intelligence and power of reason and strength of character that got you this far. Do what you can each day and know that you've done your best.
    We can easily manage if we will only take, each day, the burden appointed to it. But the load will be too heavy for us if we carry yesterday's burden over again today, and then add the burden of the morrow before we are required to bear it.
    - John Newton

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    I've just completed my first youtube video using camtasia...Hopefully I'll have some success. I'm going to try to make at least 10 more tonight
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    Sorry to hear this Bill and obviously you have the drive otherwise you would not have had the good years - I have to agree to go back revisit what you were doing during those times and do them again - it will come.

    Taylor - am also sorry to hear and know how you feel - have been there myself - all I can is don't give up - things will turn around and I know that just seems like words but with prayers - I think all things are possible and I have you in mine
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    Hi, Sry to hear this, but it could be worse! Let me explain something.... I was making between 440k to 700k a year in my adult business, up to 2 years ago, I started feeling weird down and things led me to give up on 80% of everything I had. I stopped updating my sites stopped networking etc.. BTW this was with adult. Well In Feb of this year things started to make more sense I was told I have cancer. Stomach cancer then 3 months later 3 heart blockages.
    I am only 37 years old with custody of 2 kids who depend on me! I have had so many surgery's thank god for insurance I bought 5 years ago. But still don't cover everything..

    There was a tumor the size of a big mans fist in my stomach.. well long story short! At this very min I am making $636.00 a week with adult! I am about to lose everything No Xmas for my kids either... NOTHING then last week as things were really looking bad I got a side design job that netted me $3500.00 Xmas is saved and my bills are caught up to a point.
    Now for the money I made over the last ten years you would think I would be rich!

    I would have money stashed etc... Hospital bills took a big chunk, I supported my mom and my sister and her 5 kids my brother! So just when you think you are down always remember someone always has it worse then you! With that said... if you put your heart and soul into your projects like u use to then it will come back.. You may have to go out and get a job till then work at McDonald's or something so you can take care of your son and bills.. good luck brother.. I will come back but this time not in adult! I will come back in mainstream and make more then I did in adult! It's all about what your goals and desires are! If I did it once I can do it twice and so can you!

    ps if this don't make too much sense sorry its the pain meds *shrugs*

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    Relax. That's just one of many life lessons and if you keep going forward, it will pass
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    I think sometimes we can't see what's right in front of us. You're promoting a product that shows you how to make money in 42 minutes. There's even a subhead that says, "that's right, I said you can make money today"

    What's the problem?
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