Favorite sports person..

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Hello Friends,

who is your favorite sports person ?
waiting for your replay guys...
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    Michael Schumacher (think I've spelt it wrong!!)
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    I have to say Brett Favre.

    Why? Because I was never a big sports fan. Growing up, I used to hate when NFL football was on. But then Brett Favre started doing some awesome things, and I give him the credit for getting me interested in the game.

    Now, I watch the NFL from 11 AM to 11 PM on Sundays (includes pre- and post-game coverage). But...I have my laptop on my lap at the same time, and can get quite a bit done during the commercials.

    Historically speaking...

    Jim Thorpe


    Jesse Owens

    All the best,

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    I have a few but i think after watching the BBC's sports personality of the year last night then i have to say David Beckham.

    The way he has come on from being that cock sure guy to what i would say the best thing ever to happen to British football in less than 10 years. He handles himself very well and think is a great role model for any aspiring sportman or women.
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    I am a big sports loving buddy!I love sports to it's every form of the game, but I have great respect in respect Tennis legend Roger Federer.his master at his skills and records in tennis player, but his a very kind and good human been too. He been so down to earth that he does not miss a single charity event or a game, no matter how busy his schedule is! He even donated millions of dollars from his own charity organization.
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    Yes,I totally agree with your view,Roger Federer is also my favorite sports person.I admire him very much.
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  • micheal jordan! ... the legend .. changed the game of basketball forever..
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    When I was really into sports it was A.C Green and David Robinson !
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    My favourite sport person is Ricky pointing for cricket and from Australian team. He gives very good and a nice performance in all the series.
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    Michael Jordan, Roger Federer and Pippo Inzaghi
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    "Deano" Saunders.

    Founded my love for Aston Villa with an amazing goal from 40-50 metres.
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    George Foreman

    Made a great comeback with a much better attitude

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      Magic Johnson is the best basketball player and teammate of all time.......
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    I guess if we are talking all time favorite I would have to say Nolan Ryan. Used to go watch him pitch when he was with the Angels. When he was on he was unhittable.
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    Tennis player Rafael Nadal is my favourite sports person. I really liked to watch his game. He is the King of Clay. He is currently No. 1 in ATP. I liked the battle between Rafa and Federer.
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    Sachin Tendulkar is my Favorite Sports Person because Sachin is a God of Cricket. The Best Cricketer on History of the Cricket is a Sachin Tendulkar.
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    Hi Guys!
    Cricket, my favourite game, is one of the most popular games all over the world.
    Though many people of the world have been playing cricket, very few players have made their mark in cricket. Many of them are admired, but my special admiration goes to all-time-great Sachin Tendulkar.
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    Glenn Mcgrath

    no sig

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    For me its micheal jordan..he has a great deal of impact in the world of basketball
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    I like to play cricket. Plyaing cricket is my hobby. Shane Watson is my Favourite sports person. He is such a nice cricket player of the world. No one can play like him. I want to become a successful cricketer is my life. It is my aim of the life.
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    I like muttaiah muralitharan
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    Yes for me also micheal jordan ,his a great lagend..
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      Roger Federer is my favorite sports person.
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    It's gotta be Michael Jordan!
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    Giba of Brazilian Men's Volleyball Team
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    mine favorite sports person is Brett Lee.
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