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''programmed universe?meant to happen?''

hmm....Outcomes,events are dependable from our actions,without my action it would have not taken place.like this event, of posting this.without my actions this event would have not taken place.
if this event was meant to happen,this means, this event was programmed, also it means my action was also programmed,because without the action,the event can't be molded.this primary goes against the concept of ''free will''

''reasons behind events?''
for every outcome to have a reason,your action should be programmed in a way to give that outcome a reason.and if your action is build purposely to give that outcome a reason,than that brings the question of free will. your actions needs to be build for you to give that outcome a reason, because first of all, we make decisions without even knowing most of the time the outcome of such action.

readers,what is your perception?
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    Programmed or predicted? Your premise to me implies an intelligent force that may be in control. If an intelligent force knew all possible outcomes, knew how people would act and react, would it be unthinkable that events could unfold in such a way as to not reduce your free will, but anticipate the exercise of it?
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      My approach implies a intelligent force which is in control,which was most humans believes in,which is the opposite that i believe in.
      hmm..i believe that no set of outcomes has a reason why such outcome happen,because to have a reason on each outcome,than your actions should be build for you,to give that outcome a reason.how can a outcome created by our actions has a reason if we make choices which can lead to any probable outcome,or we build our life without even knowing the outcome of each action to begin with.
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    Upstairs they are solving great marketing mysteries. Here in the OT we solve the very questions of existence.

    We're confused because we experience time as being linear. We see everything as cause - then effect.

    Most religious texts, if not all, give us "supposed to do it this way" rules of life -- which would be a pretty useless thing to ordain if everything we did was programmed.

    Then there's Quantum physics with infinite universe theories that say that all options are actually taken. When we make decisions universes split to cover all possible actions and outcomes. And the holographic theories that would render this universe and everything in it nothing more than a movie, hopefully one that is intended by the great IS to educate us about something or other.

    I feel as if I have decisions to make, so I am pretty well sure I have some form of free will. Consequences can be predictable, but are not necessarily programmed to a point that outcomes can't vary accordingly. I have intuitions that tell me that coincidences are more of an indication of the path to take if I want good outcomes, so I think that we get nudged to go the route most in sync with positive energy flows.

    My main question about pre-destination is ................
    If it is all programmed to be a very specific way.....what the hell is the point to it all? This universe is mathematical, so there are specific constructs - and the element of logic. Running on completely programmed existences doesn't have much logic.

    Nope. I don't believe in absolute predestiny. Maybe a tad of planning - but not complete programming. We do have choices to make.

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      hmm...if all set of outcomes are already set,or the force beyond our reality has awareness of all the probable outcomes,than why even place the creation which you knew where it will lead it self.
      hmm...like for example when it says that,God regretted making mankind,and felt sad.
      Now did such force feel this in advance because it saw in advance its own failure?now why even bother to shape something knowing this creation will shape sadness in you.when i see such approach,it gives me the impression such force cant see through the lens of time,because if it did,than it would not create what made it feel sad nor knew that it would fail.
      hmm...it would be rather odd,to see thousands of years in advance the outcome of your own creation and how will such creation make you feel,and yet create them
      hmm...for this force to feel a form of regret,it gives any reader the clue that this force did not know in advance the mistake it saw it self doing.
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    Okay - you are saying intelligent force.

    What would be this force's logic in making us if everything is preplanned to happen in a particular way? What would be it's point? If everything is already written to the letter of how it will happen -- why make it happen? If the force is actually intelligent it must have a point to the process.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
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      No fate but what you make.

      Or didn't you see Terminator 2 :confused:

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        directed upon:Frank
        hmm..its more a question to those who believes in this model.
        hmm..i don't believe in it,sometimes you have to build a scene of their reality they aren't of
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      hmm...that's the question i throw on any who believes in such thing,or has that perception.
      hmm...i am glad that you also see what i see,which i wish others can see the same thing.
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