The Teenage Internet Marketer

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Hello Warriors!

I am relatively new here, so I thought it would be beneficial to introduce myself.

Here is a very brief autobiography about who I am and what I want to accomplish.


When Jared Silver was four years of age, he discovered that he could sell little pictures that he drew and then use the profits to buy more paper. Then, with this paper, he drew more pictures. With the profits from selling these pictures, he bought more paper. This continued on in an endless cycle. Then, he began to pay his friends to draw the pictures. Jared then began to sell these pictures at a higher price than he had paid for them.

Thus, his entrepreneurial spirit was born. Now, in his young teenage years, he is doing considerably well in school. Being placed in Distinguished Honors consistently, Jared thrives in all of his honor classes. His goals in life are to graduate Babson University (the top entrepreneurial school in the world) and use the money he makes to fund a scientist to find the cure to autism.

Jared has a deep love of critical thinking and enjoys politics. He gets very passionate, very easily. This passion is what drives Jared to be the best he can be, every day.
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