What are the Best Free eBooks You've Read Recently(?)

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While I have absolutely no problem purchasing a product that I deem valuable (here's to products, like Joel Comm's, that I've purchased for $97+, in the past), believe it or not, I can also attribute alot of my success online to products that have been provided free of charge. Regardless of where you found it (Warrior Forum? a Website/Blog?), what are the best free eBooks you've read? (Even if you didn't necessarily read them "recently"?) Would you recommend them to others?
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    lol..I guess I'll begin... As a 17 year old blogger, Alex put together a pretty nice article course that is delivered every day, for a few days, over on his blog: Blogging Discussion, Tips & Tricks – Blogussion (I know it's not exactly an eBook...but, it is a free course, and I followed it each day and found it to be valuable) Who's next?
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    The three best e-Books regarding marketing are all free (Public Domain).

    “My Life in Advertising” written in 1917 by Claude C Hopkins

    “Scientific Advertising” written in 1926 by Claude C Hopkins

    “Tested Sentences That Sell” written in 1937 by Elmer Wheeler

    I have spent 100s on books so far and I am 100% confident that by googling, printing out and studding at least 7 times each one of them one can posses all necessary knowledge to be a marketing expert.
    No need to spend a dime.
    We must bare in mind here the difference between marketing fundamentals and marketing techniques.
    These books deal with fundamentals which are 100 times more important than techniques.
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