The things people pay for on Fiverr...

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Excuse me, but have you noticed how retardedly ridiculous some of these Fiverr requests are?

FFS. You are not going to get good ad copy or website design for five dollars!!!!!

Here's one I found:

bps001 wants:
write a wordpress plugin

Lol. Really? You want a whole plugin? You mean something that most people pay 5-10 grand for, on Fiverr?

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    haha, there are some really crazy ones on there. The one's I hate the most are the "I'll get you twitter followers". Yeah, I highly doubt any of the followers you get will be real.

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      That can be done for five bucks! I highly doubt I'll get any kind of Wordpress plugin for any less than a few thousand...

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    Originally Posted by Greg Wildermuth View Post

    I was thinking about this for my Fiverr offer (I'm not on there by the way):

    "I'll type you an article using whatever keywords you want and then run it through spellcheck. No revisions."

    But if I posted that, I'm afraid I might get offers.
    An offer that good should be reserved for tenner.

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    LOL - I wrote a plugin recently. And I'd happily write it again for someone else for fiverr. Of course, it only took me 10 minutes. (Got rid of some little things that really annoy me (and the friend who asked for it ) about WP - the curly quotes and the auto-formatting, which removes formatting I put in my posts.)

    I doubt that was what the gentleman had in mind, though. Undoubtedly he had a nice, highly complex week-long job in mind. :rolleyes:


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      I remember a recent Fiverr offer from a girl. For 5 bucks, she would allow you to control a day of her life which meant that you decide whether she goes to school or not, what she wears, what she eats, what time she sleeps, etc. Funny stuff. I think soon Fiverr will begin regulating the site considering some of the offers being put up.
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    There are some crazy offers on there like be your bf/gf for a day and rap a song for you, it's a good site for a laugh when your bored

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