An Open Apology To The Warrior Forum...

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This apology goes out to every single Warrior.

As you may or may not have known... I was banned from the Warrior Forum for the last 7 days.

It was entirely my fault and the reason I was banned was for sending several promotional PM's as well as promoting a different forum in the process. While it was less than 20 PM's altogether, I was still in the wrong and I broke the rules.

I deeply regret my actions and am extremely sorry to the Warrior Forum, it's owner, moderators and members.

I have been a contributing member for 4 years (even back on the old platform of the forum) and have helped thousands of Warriors over the years and I plan on continuing to do so for many years to come. However, this does not justify my actions or make them acceptable.

Not only have I contributed to this community... But this community has HELPED ME MORE THAN I CAN EVER DESCRIBE. I am eternally grateful for this place. It rocket launched my career, has allowed me to develop long term friendships and business relationships as well as meet great people and have intellectually stimulating conversation.

This was the first time I've ever been in trouble here on the WF and I can assure you that it will most certainly be the last.

I promise to never engage in such behaviors ever again and I will continue to add value, help people out whenever I can, over-deliver with my reports and WSO's and help keep this community clean and safe.

People have been emailing me daily saying "Hey Shane, what on earth happened? You're one of the good guys, how on earth did you get banned?"...

Well, although I am one of the good guys... I still deserve to be punished and suffer the consequences of my actions when I break the rules, which is exactly what happened. I am sure this has affect my reputation some, but I was in the wrong and I hope that Warriors will welcome me back with open arms!

I love this place!

Thanks for taking the time to read my apology and once again, I am sorry!

Shane Natan
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