Who wins the Super Bowl?

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Well, Super Bowl XLV is set. It will be the AFC Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, vs. The NFC Champions, the Green Bay Packers. And now, my analysis on this matchup:

Offense - Pretty damn even. Both quarterbacks (Big Ben and A-Rod) are really good at their position. A-Rod has proven himself to be a duel threat at QB while Big Ben has that cannon of an arm. Both sides are loaded with their share of receivers and running backs. Very hard to give an edge here.

Defense - Slight edge to Pittsburgh. The Packers don't give up too many big plays. But the Steelers have been stingy against the run, meaning you have to put all the pressure on the quarterback. And, as you know, if you put the game in the QB's hands, you're bound to lose almost all the time (but good QBs handle the pressure nicely). The Steelers can defend the pass well, however the Packers have one of the best passing attacks I've seen so the corners and safeties will have their hands full.

Coaching - Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin has won it all two years ago, and Mike McCarthy has never been there. Nuff said.

With my very brief analysis out of the way (more detailed analysis coming soon), my pick to win Super Bowl XLV, in a very good game, is:

The Pittsburgh Steelers!

Who is your pick? BTW, I'm dying to see this one go to OT. It could very well do so. Little trivia for you - there has NEVER been an overtime in Super Bowl history.
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    Offensive edge goes to GB. They move the ball much better and come up with a lot more big plays. They score more points.

    Defensive edge sways to Pittsburgh. They play a much more solid game on D and while GB has a decent defense, they still give up more yards and points.

    I pick Green Bay to win the Super Bowl. I feel like they will spread the ball, change up their schemes, audibles, and Rodgers will be elusive enough to get them the win.

    Final score: Green Bay 24 - Pittsburgh 20
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    To say the Steelers don't have an edge on offense is like saying Johnny Unitas was just an average QB.

    It's called 'Ben Roethlisberger, Super Bowl MVP' my friend. The fact he's come up huge on this stage before, while Rodgers is an unknown quantity at this point has gotta give the Steelers an edge on offense.

    Steelers win this, and my gut tells me it's not going to be all that close either.
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    Originally Posted by Biggy Fat View Post

    Coaching - Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin has won it all two years ago, and Mike McCarthy has never been there. Nuff said.
    Biggy, I wouldn't be too sure about Tomlin being the better coach. The Packers have lost 162 games to injuries by starters and key backups this year. They've got 15 players on IR, including 9 starters. They've got people starting that weren't even on the roster halfway through the season. McCarthy has done a superb job of getting them coached up, and he's outcoached the #1 seed, the #2 seed, and the #3 seed already this post season. Nothing against Tomlin, but having been there once isn't everything. Just sayin...

    @ Floyd - I wouldn't call Rodgers an unknown quantity. All the talking heads say he's an elite quarterback. He's the top-rated QB this post season with a 109.2 passer rating (Roethlisberger is #6 with 75.5 rating). Rodgers leads in passing yards too.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Seems the Packers have been playing much better ball lately then the Steelers.

    However, not being a fan of either team, it's hard to say. In reality I don't care which one wins. Which at times makes the game much more fun to watch - no emotional ties

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    Ben Ben is one of the luckiest QB's in NFL History.

    He won his first Super Bowl with a QB rating of just 22.

    His QB rating is only 75 yet the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl again.

    He's also one of the best clutch performers in history as he shows up when it really matters.

    I think his luck and clutch performances will somehow pull this one out also.

    Steelers win 24-17.

    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Like they said on the radio, why bother watching, going to be the most boring superbowl yet

    I'll tune in for the commercials, bout it though.

    But uhm, Packers 24 / Steelers 28
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      Originally Posted by iAmNameLess View Post

      I HOPE the Packers lose...
      There's a whole lotta bettin' money riding for that.
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    Whoops! I just started another SB XLV thread.

    Anyway, my Steelers hoist their 7th!

    PIT 30 GB 24
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    There isn't an option for "don't care". I'm not a football fan. But the Packers vs the Steelers? That's going to be intense.
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    Originally Posted by Biggy Fat View Post

    Who wins the Super Bowl?
    The team that scores the most points, unless something's changed recently.

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      Originally Posted by Dan C. Rinnert View Post

      The team that scores the most points, unless something's changed recently.
      Nope, nothing's changed. But who will score most points to be the winner of the Super Bowl?
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