Which is the best use of internet?

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Hi dear all friends ,
On these days internet can be use for many purposes like that to meet with friends , for work online ,to learn knowledge ,to get education online ,for entertainment , download different softwares ,to transfer files , to chat with friends and for many others .Which one is best use of internet and why do like internet ???
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    I love to use internet for my work or for chat .
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    Getting what you want is the best use of internet. You can get anything literally anything from internet.
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    Information and chat, the best use for Internet
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    Making money online.
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      For education purpose and to get knowledge is best use of internet.
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        I love how internet can be used to communicate with your relatives all-over the world. Of course this would be secondary after my job. My job revolves around the internet. I'll die without it. LOL I may say the best part about the internet is how it speeds up everything we do.
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    Entertainment at its best. I love the entertaining features on the internet. Because I usually get bored most of the time. So, internet has become an important part of my life.
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    love how i can find information just about anything and talk to people from all over the world.
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    1. Promoting my service and business.
    2. Keeping touch with clients, friends.
    3. Learning things.
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    getting information/knowledge and for entertainment. Joining the forums to learn more. THats what I like best.
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    Internet makes the world small. We can update our life by keeping it closer to the friends and world.
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