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So Saturday I was walking around in shorts it was 70 degrees. Today its -15 and a blizzard 12" of snow got to love Midwestern Weather!

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    That storm is going to hit us around midnight tonight!
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    Waterotter: Are you in the Muskokas or close to Algonquin Park? I'm on the the south side of Algonquin and it doesn't look like we're going to get hit to hard with this one.

    <crosses fingers, holds breath... eats a whole chocolate cake just in case.....>
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      Hi Val, I'm on the north side. I expect a typical snowfall here - nothing I haven't seen like others who are experiencing snowfall amounts they haven't seen in years.

      Hey, it's nice to see another Warrior so close to home!
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      Actually, I'm close to the East Gates.
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    I know how ya feel! It's treacherous out there!

    Peace & Light,

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    Hey Will, were you affected by the "BIG ONE". If so, how much snow did you get? I hope you missed this one!
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    I couldn't cope with that cold - our winter hear gets nowhere near as cold as that thankfully. I hope you all have good heaters!
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    Waterotter: You're practically next door to me! I live just off Hwy 60 between Golden Lake and Eganville. (Barry's Bay is probably halfway to both of us!) Whatever you're going to get from this storm, I'm going to get.

    Edited to add: Sheryl, I was writing this as you were making your post: (We should bottle up some of the cold and snow and send it to Sheryl in Australia. Give me the cold any day over the heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!) You could cope with the cold if you had a nice woodstove to cuddle up in front of and warm snuggies to wear outside. I can't cope with the heat!

    Our house is heated with wood so it's cozy and warm. We can cook on the woodstove if the power goes out which it does quite often around here and along the 'Highway 60 Corridor'. I actually enjoy winter storms. Unless, of course, I have to drive anywhwere.

    The back of our house during the last 'fluffy' snowfall:

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    Thought and prayers heading your way Ivan. Stay safe. I would be terrified to be anywhere near a cyclone!
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    Be safe Ivan.

    Val, I know were you are. I am right next door to the infamous "Algonquin Lodge" on Hwy 127.

    I can't tell how much snow we got due to the blowing and drifting. I have 5 decks, all with varying amounts of snow on them. It's still snowing here.
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    Does out Wx seem to be getting abit more erratic and extreme these days?

    UK whole of December was like the north pole -13C regular. Unheard of. Snow....feet of it for weeks.

    Australia....YIKES that's scary of it's a taste of things to come. MEGA storms abound every-where.

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