Can i get a new social security card the same day?

by stellajohnson 4 replies
Me and my boyfriend are trying to get a house loan, and they need a copy of his social security card. He cant find so we have to go get a replacement one, and i was just wondering if we have all the correct paperwork and everything can we get it that day?
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      No, you can't. But they can give you a printout and a form that shows you have requested a new card. The bank should accept that, along with other ID.

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    As I recall, they mailed ours to us.

    Ours were vanquished, when someone stole my wife's purse in the K-Mart parking lot.

    Did you know that just because K-Mart has cameras in the parking lot, that they will not necessarily view the footage to see who stole something out of your car?
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    Yeah, I had some problem at one point and frankly lost ANY respect for such a thing. They did NOT seem to be treating it seriously. So I DOUBT you could get a copy in a day.

    STILL, you CAN use your drivers license, etc... to prove who you are, and they can bring up a credit report, and compare with the cards you have, and that SHOULD be good enough.

    BESIDES, the SS card is only good for maybe two things.

    Tying the number to your name(can be done on a credit report)
    Getting Government help.

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