any favourite fragrance for men?

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I just had a sniff again at this David Beckham "Instinct" and I must say that I really like it!
  • I was born with no sense of smell, so they are all Greek to me!
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    No scent, except the cinnamon sticks I chew on and the coffee I drink.

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    Dior Farenheit is pretty cool and neutral.
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    I like Arabic one they got nice aroma
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    Paco Rabanne 1 Million for my man
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    I like D&G Masculine.
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    No one mentioned "old spice"! It was my dad's fave. I vaguely remember it being peppery and eye watering. *not good*

    Personally, I like the smell of clean, fresh soap and with a hint of toothpaste on a man. Is that weird?

    In interesting perfume news: Lady Gaga is coming out with her first perfume and its supposed to smell like blood and semen! (heard it on SNL)
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    Kilimanjaro by Merle Norman. Not sure if they make it anymore but it was awesome enough to make you turn your head and inhale deep when a guy walked by with it on. I used to put dabs of it on light bulbs in my house and the scent was euphoria.

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      Diesel - Fuel For Life, Aqua Di Gio, Curve for men, and believe it or not Quicksilver has an awesome cologne...I've gotten so many compliments on it.
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    My H wears Intuition For Men and Kenneth Cole Black. Both scrumdiddlyumptious if you ask me
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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    I just wear deodorant. I don't even wear it most days because I don't believe it is good to stuff your body with fine aluminium particles every day, especially close to lymph nodes.
    Hi Chris,

    Just thought I'd mention that most simple deodorants do NOT contain aluminum products. It's anti-perspirants (or anti-perspirant/deodorants) that normally contain them. That's why I only use deodorants, but not anti-perspirants.

    You can check the label if you want to be sure.

    All the best,

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    Cologne seems really different on each man, just the way perfume is different on each woman.

    I DO have a few favorites though. Issey Mikaye (L'Eau d'Issey, I think) has a very nice crisp, clean scent - a good professional, daytime scent. Lacoste Red is very sensual and rich and good for evenings...

    Like I say, it DOES depend on the man. Some men don't smell good with Lacoste Red, while others smell fantastic.

    Scent is also a funny thing - I used to like Aqua di Geo, which is a very common one, I think. But now I associate it with a few guys from my past who treated me like crap, and I don't like it any more! So beware - scents have baggage!

    If your man is 90, you can always get him Old Spice. I love the commercials, but that stuff just...smells.

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      I have a sentimental attachment to Paco Rabanne - long story, great memories.

      Except for that one man who wore Paco Rabanne, I prefer men - and women - to smell like they just stepped out of the shower.
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    I've got to say that Hoyt's cologne is my favorite cologne.


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    My favorite is adidas's blue one. 18+ is also fantastic.
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    Well i like DavidOff Cool Water on Men and Kenneth Cole
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