So who's your Favorite sci-fi/fantasy author?

by sirtom
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Hey all,

I know a lot of you read sci-fi/fantasy stuff, and I definitely do too.

So who's your favorite author, eh?

I'd say I'm now a Brandon Sanderson fan. Ridiculously awesome and original storyteller. He's rocking out the end of the Wheel of Time, but his original works are all awesome too (just finished Way of Kings recently too, which was also awesome)

Notable mentions:

-Robert Jordan (obviously)
-Terry Goodkind (but Law of Nines sucked)
-Patrick Rothfuss

...How about you?
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    JRR Tolkien - the Middle Earth sagas
    Stephen Donaldson - the Thomas Covenant series
    David Eddings - The Belgariad series
    Raymond Feist - the Riftwar series
    Terry Pratchett - the Discworld series
    Michael Moorcock - The Eternal Champion series (Corum, Hawkmoon, Elric)

    Started reading the Wheel Of Time, but gave up at about the seventh book as it became obvious he was stringing it out without the story going anywhere.

    Not really into sc-fi, although I did enjoy Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, and Douglas Adams Hitchhiker series.
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    Michael Crichton for me. I specially like Sphere. The book, not the movie.
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    Tamora Pierce, because she actually writes real women.
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    Philip K. Dick has authored some good ones. Many of which have been adapted to film. (Blade Runner. Total Recall. Minority Report. Etc.)

    That's all I know because I read non-fiction.
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      Eric Shapiro
      S. J. Reisner
      Robert D. Rowntree

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    I like Robert Jordan too. Pls. Lend be some of his books.
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    Since the OP basically swung it to the fantasy genre, I've gotta mention: Melvyn Peake and the Gormenghast series. Phenomenal stuff. It was very different to the Tolkien style which has dominated the fantasy sphere. Much darker.
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    I have two favorites.

    Orson Scott Card (The Ender series)
    L. Ron Hubbard (Mission Earth seies)
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    I currently like Jim Butcher for the Harry Dresden novels, and Simon R. Green for the Nightside books.
    Also really liked the Fleet by Jack Campbell lately.

    But I've read them all, C.J.Cherryh, MZB, H. Beam Piper, E.E.Doc Smith, Edgar Rice Burroughs, A.E.Van Vogt, Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson, Tolkien, Brian Aldiss, Fred and Geoff Hoyle, Neal Asher, etc, etc, etc.
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      Don't read much fantasy but as far as sci-fi---my pick's Robert Heinlein.
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    Wow, nobody is mentioning John Scalzi? He sold his first book online on his own and it was so popular that a traditional publisher bought it from him. And we call ourselves Internet Marketers
    I put words on the Internet.
    Silly Haikus starting at $5! PM me for details! (Because it's fun)

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      For me, John Varley by a mile. An outstanding writer, largely ignored by the literary world because he's "only a science-fiction author". :rolleyes: :p
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    Fantasy: Terry Pratchett
    S/F with some Fantasy: Robert Heinlein
    Hard SF: Robert L Forward


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