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Hi Warriors!

I love continuing education and it's a necessity (no matter how you learn) in this industry. I would love to maybe take 1-2 more classes in a college setting because I went for Journalism and I'd like to go for more marketing-devoted topics.

What 1 class would YOU recommend if you could that would be useful for an Internet Marketer?

I'll start:

Speed Reading.

If you're going to be an authority figure in your own right and not scrape content, rip off other people's work, etc., it pays to be able to research VERY fast and absorb what you'rereading.

I took speed reading my senior year of high school and it's been very beneficial to me in this line of work.

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    Statistics, since that will help give an appreciation for how to test ... and how to interpret test results.

    It will also come in very useful for anyone wanting to lie/mislead with statistics .

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      Writing Course - which one would depend on the person's skill and their focus - but learning to write well is invaluable. Even if you outsource your writing, you need to know if your projects are written well.


      Project Management
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        Marketing psychology, business management, accounting - those are the three that I'm most happy to have taken as they help me no matter what business I am in.
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          If I could do it all over again...knowing I'd get into marketing online....

          I'd major in Psychology.

          So if I were going to take a class now, it would probably be a Psych class...but a "cool" one.

          When I was in college, I remember thinking and hearing friends joke about "What type of JOB do you get with a Psychology degree...?? Psychologist?"

          But looking back, it would've prepared me better for what I'm doing now then anything else offered in a college setting.

          Back then I took whatever classes looked interesting to me...then my advisor would sit there and tell me that none of those classes counted towards my major....LOL!


          I was such a dummy back then, I thought college was just about taking classes you were interested in and learning about topics you found exciting....

          My transcripts are funny to look at....

          Comedy Writing
          The History of Baseball (Parts 1 & 2!)
          Introduction to Leisure

          The list goes on and on....
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    Believe it or not, MSWord. The software is tremendously powerful and most of us only realize a fraction of what it can do.
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    I think if you want to learn something to help you, you should take a really specific class on a specific subject to learn more about it. If you take a general class, you will get general information. Most classes are super general and won't teach you any practical skills that you can make use of. I'm in business right now and I'd have to say my most beneficial class was an entrepreneurial class that I took that made us write an entire business plan and present it. That taught me a lot about making businesses and stuff like that.. but besides that.. everything is real general.
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    I loved and excelled at statistics but flopped at every other math I ever had to do. And what's odd is, everyone ELSE hated statistics! I wonder why my mind clicked with that one math form?

    I love psychology classes too. I took a myriad of classes. I loved Art too, even though I sucked at it.
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    Research methods

    Occasionally Relevant.

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    If I had to select one college level course that would help in internet marketing, I would choose Behavioral Economics.

    This way you'll have a better understanding of why people buy your products, or just products in general. This means you can provide value while at the same time lead them down a path to eventually buy from you.

    If you want to save a few thousand dollars, though, I recommend checking out the book Predictable IrrationalityPredictable Irrationality by Dan Ariely (if you haven't already) to see if this is something you'd be interested in. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
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