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I hope you have seen the movie "The Matrix", because I am about to peel back the curtain, and give you a peek behind ours....

It is no surprise that sex sells almost everything. Society is controlling us in millions of ways. Sex is just one of them. Just so we are clear, society is not a person, or some dudes sitting around the table brainwashing us; but the collective (herd) mentality, where most people let other people do the thinking for them. It is a snowball effect. Most of us are locked in the routine of our lives in order to feed the goals of others who do not even know what they want. The truth is that most of us are led around by the opinions of others without question. Part of this control is the brainwashing that leaves almost all of us sad, depressed, unworthy, and frustrated. Why? Because you can not control happy people. The happier you are, the less you buy, and the less society develops (at least cunsumeristically, and materialistically). As long as you think you are full of problems, this will garuntee that you will work to make money, and have the opportunity to buy your happiness.

Religion, TV, school, and the media constantly keep you frustrated and incomplete to sell you more, and more stuff. The strategy is to CREATE a problem, and sell the solution. Now, these problems do not actually exist...but it doesn't matter.

For Example: Take a look at both man and woman. We both want sex, and to be together. This would make us happy. This would make us BOTH happy. And of course when you are happy, you do not think of your problems, and thus won't but anything to solve that which you do not have. Why is the nightclub scene the way it is then? The great divide. Never before in history has man and woman been more divided. Most men are not real men anymore, but boys. Most women are becoming more masculine in order to balance the imbalance. It is crazy. And it leaves both feeling down.

*I won't get into why most men are still boys, but I believe it has to do with the fact that our society does not have any formal "rite of passage", that draws a clear line between boyhood, and manhood. This leaves the adult male full of old boyish habits, and behavior patterns.*

For untold time, man and woman were together, and there was nothing between them. There was nothing stopping them from getting to know each other. In the last 50 years, society has evolved (devolved) to a point where there is a large gap, an empty space between them. And this, my friends is the gap where they sell you everything.


Dude finishes college, and moves to an average apartment. He has an average car, an average job. he works harder and harder to get a better job, to get a better car to drive, and afford a better apartment to live in. Always elevating his status so in the end, the can attract more beautiful chicks. More and more. To get more and more money, more things that will make him happy. Hopefully when he gets enough things, he will be able to seduce a "10".

On the otherside, when a girl finishes college, she gets some average job, and puts most of her money each month into her beauty. And she is going to work harder, and harder to get a better job, more money, better clothes. All to look more and more beautiful. Enough to get that perfect man.

The hamspter wheel of society. The REAL rat race.

All of this to be happy. For status. To be cool. To be liked. To be admired.
You can't buy real status. You can't buy cool. And you can't buy happiness.

This is the matrix. Our society is based on rules, and assumptions. But it is all an illusion.
Almost everything yo know about what is or is not possible in your life is an illusion.
A socially reinforced magic trick.


It is funny how they(the system) make females frustrated and unhappy through messages, advertisements and the media (such as cosmo). Cosmopolitan magazine actually kills the self esteem of most females, yet most girls think I am off my rocker for saying that. I totally get where you are coming from. Lets look behind the curtain. Remember, happy people don't buy? Cosmo has to make money to survive, therefore they MUST make you feel unsatisfied enough with each issue in order to buy the next one. If the magazine actually did all the things that attract you to it, you would never care to read another issue.

Behind the curtain is the message that you are not beautiful enough(The marketers at cosmo understand this stuff VERY well, and have even said this on record). This is what you must look like in order to be desirable. Most will feel unhappy, because they can not afford to look like that. In our society, beauty = money.With money, you can dress in expensive clothing, get plastic surgery, and looook hot. The underlying message is if you want a good guy, you must look like the cosmo girl. And to get money for this, she must work, and work. Girls are constantly unhappy because the fashion is always changing & and are constantly forced to buy a new pair of shoes, new purse, and new wardrobe every so often because the old is not in anymore.

If you want to remain beautiful, you must adopt this new look for this new season. And that can cost a lot of money. Another false message that is under there is: The better you look, the more beautiful you are, and the better guy you deserve. This creates a fake confidence. If you dress, and look like this then every guy will want you, and the better you look, the better quality guy you deserve. We know consciously, that it is about personality, yet subconsciously, we do not believe it...and this is what creates the turmoil and unfulfillement.

Every girl on this planet wants to look beautiful. Not just because of the guys, and the other competition, but for themselves as well. This is why women buy over 80% of EVERYTHING in our society, and why it is extremely easy to sell them anything, and everything. If you look at the beauty industry, you will understand the problems even more deeper.

Consider makeup, hair, shoes, perfume, clothing, and everything else they are forced to buy to feel happy. And these things change all the time, and cost money.

What is beauty? In every culture, the answer to that question is different. The pamela anderson, cosmo archetype of the ultimate beautiful woman was invented, and created about 15 years ago. In the 1800's chubby girls were considered ultimate beauty. In hawaii, the bigger the girl, the hotter. So, you really need to understand this:

Your idea of beauty is not your own, no matter how natural it may seem. If we were in the 1800's, you would be wolfing down everything you could to gain weight, and think that was just as normal standard for beauty for as the cosmo chick now. The idea is not to "rebel" against all of this. The idea is to know that none of it has any bearing of your self esteem, and self worth. The new shoes, car, or job can not make you feel happIER. Feeling beautiful is ONLY just that. A feeling.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. You can not try to be happy. You can not chase happiness. It is not out there. Not in a car. Not in a man or woman. Not in a pair of shoes, or brazillian waxing. In order to be happy, you have to realize that you have everything you need already. You and your mind is enough. You are FULL now. Happiness is a default state. Re read that. Default. Society has us all scattered so that we never can see the depth is things. You want to be successful and happy? Quit looking for it. Begin to peel away all that is BLOCKING it. That may be the most profound statement ever. Everything you are looking, searching, and scrambling for in life is already inside you. I has just been covered up.


Most guys link their happiness, and fulfillment to attaining a beautiful looking woman. What is also linked though, is all of the things you need to buy in order to have that hot woman. Look at any ad. You will see an expensive car, with some hot chick laying all over it. The underlying message is that if you buy car, you can attract hot woman. And if you do not have car, you will not attract hot women. This is all subconscious, and marketers just push our buttons like crazy. Very simple brainwashing. If you want hot girl, buy this.

When you can't afford "that" you feel inadequate, and unworthy of the hot chick, and therefore you feel like less of a man. The you go to a nightclub, or anywhere and you have trouble having a conversation. Your self esteem is being determined by society's definition. Because you are not rich, tanned, and muscular (which are all great, but are for YOU, not them) you can not get the girls you want.

This is all an illusion. You do not want a ferrari, you want the feeling it will give you. You want to be like james bond. HOLY ****. You see....the trick is to feel like James bond, and THEN all of that stuff will naturally come to you. Because you are bond. Most guys have it reversed.

"If I do, wear, or buy this, then I will be cool" is absolutley backwards. Completely backwards. Of course most dudes do not think that they think this way. Of course not. But it is true. Media brainwashing at it's finest.

Look at Playboy magazine. You can see the structure. One one side: Hot chicks. On the other side: What to buy to get hot chicks. Fake confidence. And for all these things, you must work and work. And even when you GET those things that society tells you that you must have in order to get hot chicks, and it doesn't even remotely mean you will get the girl. How many of you know someone who has all those things but is still a loser, and can't get laid? Why? Because he still doesn't have the confidence to approach a woman. And she will not approach him, because her ego will not allow it.

The good news:

You do not need to have any of these. Newest clothes, hottest cars, lots of money, hot looks, chiseled chest, nice ass, and big tits to feel happy, or confident. The trick is to want them for yourself, but to not think that you are not refined, or whole without them.

Those things are for YOU. The icing, not the cake.

The reason that men and women are unhapy, and divided to day is that BOTH of our self esteems are in the gutter. And a pair of shoes, or armani cologne will not fix it. There is no magic pill. There is no six second abs. There is no one minute millionaire. We are all wealthy now. If you do not think so, go live in the ghetto of Sao Paulo for a while. You are already rich. Utter fulfillment and happiness are your default states. Do whatever you have to to uncover it. You were born with self esteem, and it is still there. You can't get it. It is there now. But it is covered up by the ego.The ego is all the logical reasons why we like ourselves. "I have, or am this therefore I am worthy". The ego is false. Feel good about yourself for no reason. This is your birthright. Embrace yourself, and for god sakes TRUST YOURSELF.

It is all an illusion. Once you trust, and like yourself, you will begin to see the truth. You will start to read books, and study the works of famous philosophers. You will begin to peel away your ignorance, and start to discover, that once you like yourself FOR REAL, everything you have been looking for will suddenly show up. It was there all along.


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