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What happens to the commission when I recommend an affiliate product on my website but then point out that there is discount on the Warrior Forum WSO, link to the offer and the person then buys via the WSO? Who gets the commission?
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    Commission structures are different per organization. You really never know, where you are the referring end.
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    If I read what you're saying correctly, the person clicks your direct (non-affiliate) link to the WSO, instead of clicking through your affiliate link to the same product sold through an affiliate network like ClickBank? Unless you're using a WSO affiliation technique, like the one that WSO Pro recently added and that DigiResults has (and even in that case it would only work if your link to the WSO has affiliate code in it), then you won't get a commission. The person who clicked through your direct link might have cookies in their browser from an earlier visit to either the other aff network or to the WSO through an aff link, and in that case the earlier affiliate would get the commission.

    The way it works in the vast majority of cases in affiliate networking, the LAST cookie that the visitor has is the one that triggers when the sale is made. Affiliate cookies overwrite earlier affiliate cookies for the same product / seller. Someone could visit the seller's site 5 times through all different affiliates' links, but only the last link they went through gets the money.
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    If they don't click your special link, there is only ONE given! YOU DON'T GET the commision.

    How could you? They can't even track whare it comes from. Besides, the seller makes less profit, and may rely on NOT having to pay the commission.

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    If you are promoting an affiliate link that goes to a warrior forum WSO post, there will be a chance that you will lose out on a commission.

    Make sure that when you sign up with an affiliate program, that your links works OK and you can see your affiliate ID at the purchase page.

    This is one thing you can do with clickbank products.

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