Live View of Eagle Mom and Her 3 Babies

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I hope this isn't already in here but it is so mesmerizing and I didn't see any posts about it so I wanted to share for those that are into animals and nature (babies too).

I find I can't stop watching though so beware it is somewhat distracting if you are into this kind of thing.

She is an absolutely gorgeous eagle with 3 eaglets and I happened to catch her while she was feeding them which was a thrill in itself but just watching her with them is truly amazing.

I hope someone appreciates this.

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    I love this! It used to be here a long time ago - and we watched the whole routine until the eggs hatched. I was somewhat addicted to checking on them.

    Tragically they all died.

    So thanks for a new chance to see this again and hopefully it will have a better result.
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    If you read the information below the videos, these 2 have successfully hatched and raised babies several times already. It really is addicting, I just keep it on check it once in a while. Some of the utube videos show both the mom and the dad being there while the eggs are about to hatch.
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    I just checked in and it was bad windy - all I could see was somebody's wings sheltering the babies and the tail feather popping up every so often (either involuntarily or for further resistance).
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    I just tried to watch this and it just keeps loading and nothing.

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    Here's live video of a Hummingbird nesting. This is at the far other end of the size scale.

    Phoebe Allens WebCam


    Sig went on vacation. Will return shortly smothered with some AwesomeSauce!

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    Cute little chubby hummingbird - but she doesn't move so the mom is all I could see. Beautiful colors.

    Eagles - 2 babies awake popped out momentarily - Good babysitting tip from EAgle mom = when they wake up sit on their heads.
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