Enough ist Enough I am definetly going to do it earlier

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Hey Warriors,

You can't believe how disapointedt I am from the flexibility that My Employer is offering me and the arrogant way He behaves about it, that he has the money and the power ..at least that's what he thinks ^^ that guy doesn't know that I am using ase a freaking tool to build up my On Business.

The point is, my goal was to hit 10k a month at dezember by building arround 20 Niche Websites selling Physical Products High ticket stuff 2 to 8 grand per Product and highly targeted.

But since my Boss showed me no ****ing understanding fore someone komming to repair my telephone and I can't work there I am definetly going to speed up the Proccess and I am going to quit my day job in the end of ocktober at least.

I don't have time to waste there any way and the funny thing is I used to love it everyday I was smilling having fun and all that actualy a dream but know It helped me to work more on my business and to start building 2 ore 3 sites per month instead of 1 I am gratefull I have the right newtwork and a good team in place to make this happen

so warriors wish me success By the way if someone hase experience with quitting his Job ore the first stages of entering the enterpreneure ore selfemplyoment stage I would be happy to get in touch with you per skype preferbly ore you cane show you're experience and wisdom here if you like.

I am going to send you my ID per email if you're ready to connect.

PS: here is a nice link to steve pavlinas 10 reasons you should never get a Job ( I believe there are true )...10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job
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    Sucks about your boss. Good luck.
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      @Cool Hand Luke Thank you,

      I am working on that

      Does any one else hase something to say ore just some experience to share..don't wont this to be a job bashing thread just want to hear some People who had similar experiences ore who have took the leap of faith and how the begining stage was...

      Ase I said I would even consider connecting with some of you guy's and I have som value to offer aswell regarding other casflow generating vehicles beside the Online World which I am planning to moove in in the next 8-12 months

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    Good Luck Bro.

    I wish you all the best.
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      Thank BXPS

      Luck cane definetly help things move in you're favor I just realised that things ted to take slitghtly longer ase planned out.
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    Quiting your day job to move into internet marketing in order to be your own boss required thought but is very rewarding. You need to make sure you make the transition at the right time.. when you're ready. But once that time comes.. it's a great feeling.. although THAT is when the work really starts (as well as the fun!).

    Good luck.
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      i feel like you are on the right direction because you would do anything to be successful with your online business.

      but i have a little tip for you, dont quit your job until you start making money and not just few sales here and there. consistent money. money you can count on.

      good luck

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        I'm glad you're saying enough is enough.

        A lot of people appear to put their internet marketing in overdrive when push comes to shove. I never even thought about this until last Fall when I had to move and I told myself that what is going on in my life is no longer sustainable -- I need to be more proactive!

        And I've been reading a lot of stories here, and the stories nearly sound the same -- loss of job, in debt, disatisfied with employment. As bad as these conditions are, they act like blessings in disguises.
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  • Think big. I like the positive attitude. It will take a lot of work, but I'm in the same boat as you where I still work a day job with plans to make IM my full time living by the end of the year. Only difference is I don't mind my day job and get on well with my boss. I would still like to work for myself though.
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      Thank'S Fore you're replies Wariors
      @ Dyno Mutt yes a lot of people are saying that and I once did the mistake of quitting my Job to early before I had some substanstial money it was definetly a great experience but a damm hard one aswell and the first time I really felt what financial pressure realy means I am talking about no food financail pressure extremly hard survival mod e.

      I switched from Job to Job and wend eventually went back to my old on luckly I calmed down now a bit because actualy am cool with my job for now even though my Boss responded so stupid the rest of the staff i pretty cool but

      I am offcourse still considering to quit at the end of october with a substantial casflow that will cover much much more than my expenses.. I reaky want to be able to save fore arround one year plus earn some good casflow that

      I cane save arrround 100k in 2012 to start mastering stockmarket strategies which is where I realy want to go so I am dreaming dame big Starting SmallI love working hard and have the End in mind plus the money and human resources to make this an reality.

      If I don't go crazy that means fore me quitting is no excuse and whinning is none either

      It's about taking action creating results and making corrections on the results you didn't like.

      @TB Internet marketing, thats the best thing I used to have that too and lI luckly still have it to some extend if you use you're Job income wisely it cane become a casflow source fore you're business, you just got to be strategic about it I baysicly just buy things I realy need to make me more money the essentials of my system not some stupid wso ore package I have my model.

      Thank you fore YOu're Support Warriors and @ TB Internet marketing see you at the top don't forgett : money is the servant not the master so we are In controll of ouer reality and the money we make not ouer boss ore who ever.
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    Good luck man! That is a pretty bold move that you are taking, but sometimes taking a risk is the best thing you can do!!
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      Sounds like you are heading in the right direction, but it takes a lot of discipline to wake up everyday and be focused and have the drive to put in the hours.

      A lot changes when you have no one to report to.
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        @ mikerossa But I have goals like monthly weekly ect so it's not that of a problem you cane get in the habbit of getting things done pretty quickly, if you realy want to.
        You just have to be motivated enough the first few times at least in my experience

        @ roylster thank you people just have to accept riks and don't leave in denial of it there is nothing garantued in life, that's just how it is no changing that anytime soon
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