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I joined WF last year, but have not visited much since then. The few times I did visit, I just read some of the thread discussions.

Today I have decided to post, but I'm not sure that I'm in the right place. I seem to have missed the "Introduction" or "New Here" thread, and didn't see another appropriate place is to post this, so I'm starting here.

I have been online for several years, and promote various affiliate programs. Yes, I've managed to make some money online, but it's not nearly as consistent, or as much as I'd like (at least not YET).

I admit that I'm the perpetual student, and know that I've got a wealth of information in my head. However, I've been struggling for way too long to get some of that information out of my head and onto paper. I understand that creating your own product, or at the very least an ebook to start building a respectable list, is the way to go.

So now that I've finally finished writing a short report (10 pages) that basically promotes someone else's product as their affiliate, I'm looking for feedback. The title of my report is: "Why Starting a Home-Based Business Makes Sense"

Ideally, I'd like to be able to either sell the report and/or the conference call (teleseminar) that I hosted with the product owner as the guest speaker. I'm thinking that giving the report away is the better route to take, and to just sell the teleseminar.

I have created a VERY plain web page to capture the name and email address. Once someone submits their information, they are immediately redirected to my affiliate site (my link is cloaked and shows the main domain of the program owner). They also receive a confirmation email and when they click the link to be added to my list, they will receive one message from me directing them to the location of the discounted offer on my affiliate site.

I realize that I could also include a download link to the teleseminar in that email, but haven't yet determined if that's the best way to sell it.

I'm not a web designer (the plain web pages I have created attests to that) and this is my first attempt at creating and selling something of my own.

Suggestions? And would anyone be willing to read my ebook to give me some constructive feedback? I've already had someone else proofread it, so what I'm looking for is comments about the content, as well as the best way to "get it out there."
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    Whats your confirmation rate like ?

    It can be a bit of abummer when lots of them dont but its funny many people still confirm even 2 months later.

    Most do it right away of course.
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      Well, there's no conversion rate yet. I was just detailing what I have completed thus far.

      When people submit their contact info, however, they will automatically be taken to my affiliate page. They just won't get the instruction for the discounted offer unless they click the confirmation link from the email they will receive.
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