FINALLY - one of the biggest scams in the US exposed.

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This is information that should be spread far and wide. This has been going on for many, many years, and it's about time people know the BBB cannot be trusted.

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    I've said this for years.

    Hell I've said it here on the forum.

    They are nothing but a white collar protection racket.

    I had my go round with them when I owned a construction company.

    Still a mystery to me how they get away with it (yea right)

    I went down to their offices and told them to quit calling me, couldn't give rats #@$ about their symbol or grade.

    Until the recession I was doing just fine without them.

    The problem is how many people they have fooled.

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    Wow.. I always thought there was something up with the BBB. A company I knew that had absolute terrible customer support and thousands of complaints had an A+. Just so happens the company was worth 100's of millions. Wonder what their paying!
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    What happened with all the other posts, or is this a new thread?

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      Originally Posted by seasoned View Post

      What happened with all the other posts, or is this a new thread?

      Steve, was just wondering the same thing.
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    Those dirty, little, skeezing rats. I never knew that they were so based on money only. I usually am skeptical of things like this but in this case I was one of those fooled. I figured that some things in this life would at least be genuine but once again I realize the list is getting very short. Money makes the world go around and this just proves it once again.
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    I have known for some time they were bogus. I was ripped off by someone who is listed as way good - I even did the research and found newspaper articles about some of his shenanigans that were much larger scale than what he did to me (didn't pay for work I did) like taking big bucks for construction projects that were never done after years and the money never repaid.

    When I called BBB they said he was rated excellent and they did not want to hear any of the 'rumors' from multiple victims. You could tell there was something rotten about their attitude.

    Money talks and BS (and truth) walks...
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    Scamming people is the most retarted thing you could do almost. Don't steal money, work for it.

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    People today are really getting greedier. And every year it got so you agree?
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    Societies always devolve.Not a surprise.
    Thanks to no morals.
    Mammon rules on this planet.
    Job 2:2
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