Hate Your Job?

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It's not easy getting up and going to work, but if we never forget the people that go to work and never come home, it might make it a little easier to get up for our job next Monday morning. Not talking about you guys that make a full time living on the Internet, I know you love your job.

Don't Forget Me

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    I sometimes am now able to forget just how long ago 1967 was. I thank you for the remembrance and for all those that cannot thank you.

    There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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    Thank you. That was a beautifully done tribute. Well worth watching.

    P.S. And to those who were there - or in similar places - thank you very much.


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      That certainly puts things in perspective . . . Thank you, Clint for the reminder.

      My Dad served from 1967-68 and I'm thankful that he was one of the fortunate ones to come home.

      Oohrah, from a Marine Mom whose son is still stateside.
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