How much do you spend on makeup?

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I am a guy, so I tend to not wear too much makeup. Usually only on the weekends.

But I am getting into the makeup business! And I would love to know your opinion ladies. I would like to know what you think of the makeup industry from a marketing point of view. Where it falls short, where it rocks. And what may be missing.

Will you guys always pay more for quality, as you get what you pay for?

I am ridiculously curious to hear opinions of the cosmetic industry from female warrior marketers!


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    I wear mineral makeup because it doesn't clog pores. I think it's around $12-$15. It lasts a while.

    I also buy a compact of powder specially for sensitive/oily prone skin. Around $7 a compact.

    Eyeliner I buy the cheap stuff. Like $1 for one eyeliner pencil

    One thing of eyeshadow like $5 will last quite a while. Several months.

    I don't wear anything else. No lipstick or blush or anything.

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      Originally Posted by valerieSONORA View Post

      I don't wear anything else. No lipstick or blush or anything.
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      Originally Posted by valerieSONORA View Post

      I don't wear anything else. No lipstick or blush or anything.
      Yea, WOW! That makes me blush.
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    I rarely wear makeup anymore, just a little lipstick.

    I spend a ton of money on beauty maintenance products however and have day creams, night creams, exfoliants, scrubs, masks, etc. You name it.

    In my opinion if I was going to sell makeup I would also have beauty maintenance products to supplement and they are related so it works for a 'line'.

    I don't buy the most expensive brands in department stores, but I do buy good brands in the drug store, or botanicals (from France).

    I know one thing is that I can fill a cabinet with all the stuff I have bought in the past that is the wrong color of everything - always the wrong shade of foundation - too light or too dark, never right. Lots of the wrong color lipstick or eye shadow.

    It is really nice when a line will have charts and etc so that you can get the right color of everything for your skin tone and hair color.

    I really like the new Almay that has no color and 'knows' what color to turn once it hits your skin. You don't want it to look like you have a mask on but just to enhance and kind of even up the flaws.

    When that runs out I will get the new Olay Definity that mixes moisturizer and color.

    When I do wear make up, it is foundation, mascara, shadow, eyeliner, lipstick and blush.

    It would be really fun to sell this kind of stuff and if I did I would also add hair care, bath and body products and perfume. It all goes together...

    Vanilla and chocolate are my favorite scents and most of my products are made with these. Other than that I like patchouli and ylang ylang.

    Note vanilla needs to be real vanilla - not 'plain vanilla' which means no scent. Products should not be tested on animals and be as natural as possible.

    I hope that helps you somehow.

    Good luck with your new business!
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      Thanks guys. Wonderful answers, and it is quite obvious I will need to hire cosmetic experts to pull this off properly!

      Any thoughts on mineral makeup, and 100% natural stuff?

      It Does

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        I moved from NYC to Florida a few years ago and wear very little make up now, simply because it's just to hot and we also spend a lot of time in our pool.

        When I do buy makeup, it's usually Cover Girl but it takes me such a long time to use it all up that I end up throwing it away before I finish it. I probably spend about $50 a year on make up.

        When I was in my teen/20's and was a total punk rocker, I would buy black lipstick, black eyeliner, black nail polish and all kind of crazy colored hair dye in the Village (NYC).
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    I use all natural products that I purchase from the health food store. I don't use commercial products because of the additives that cause skin cancer and other health problems.


    Dorothy Carlson
    Phoenix Natural Health

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    Well, I grew up believing that a woman should never go out the house without proper make up. However, I also believe that makeup should enhance your features, not make new ones.

    I only use all natural make up products on my face. I tend to buy from all natural companies that I feel offer the best products, which does not necessarily mean the most expensive products.

    I presume that my foundation cost about $30. I buy the other things separately, which cost about $15 each (eye shadow, lip gloss, eye liner, lip liner, mascara).
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