a tribute to all mothers

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The only pure love and still strong relation left

its your mother

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    It was sweet of you to post something about mothers here. I think we all owe our mothers more than just a day to honor them for all their sacrifices.
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      Catchy little tune isn't it?

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      My son found that on You Tube and we've had many laughs watching it!

      Originally Posted by Charlotte Jay View Post

      I quite like Mr T's take on the matter.
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        I would not be what i am if it were not for your pure love and affection, u saw it fit to bring me to this world, took care for me and loved me no matter what.
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    well this is a nice thread...its nice posting about mothers...thanks for sharing.
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      I think that Mother is the Biggest Mercy of God........I love My Mother.....and Father as well...i think that no one can like your parents in this world
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