Comedian Bill Hicks Is Talking About The Warrior Forum Peeps

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    Those damn marketers! They're those SPAMMERS!
    The Recon Report
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    Have to admit, I LOLed a couple of times.
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    Boy, I feel the love.

    You got to feel sorry for poor Bill. He has some serious animosity deep within. Someone told me when I was much younger, that no one gets paid till the sales man does their job and sells something. I think I was working in an office supplies store at the time, and unless the sales department sold something, there was no money to pay any of us. It is amazing how much depends on the sales staff.

    Tim Pears

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      He was funny. Although someone must have marketed and advertised that show since it seemed sold out.
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        Was anyone able to monetize that segment?:p

        I spent a college summer season working for an ad agency (I was the pretty blond bimbo type at the front desk).

        I was naive about how marketing/advertising worked - and I thought the whole thing was nuts. People were excitedly describing new campaigns that sounded downright stupid and getting bent out of shape over the silliest little things. The firm's name was made up of 5 different partner names - and none was less than 3 syllables. Answering the phone was a tongue twister as the full name of the firm was the greeting. I vowed I'd never have anything to do with that kind of business.

        Yeah, well...
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