Did Anyone Here Care To Ask How Is Kim?

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Greetings everyone. I remember some months back that it was announced here that a fellow warrior, by the name Kim ,needed kidney transplant and a massive WSO was thrown out on the street of WF in order to raise fund for this course. I believe people did their best to help raise the fund and I will like to say May the God bless all who made effort to contribute their own quota.

I am a Nigerian who could not join in the WSO to raise fund due to the lack of a paypal account. Paypal does not want us. I really felt bad because I believe in giving,especially for a course like this.

With all said and done, is Kim getting better and how is the whole process coming ?

I will be glad to hear some good news because I care.
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    Wow, I did not know this happened. I hope Kim is well also! There are so many kind and helpful Warriors, but there are some who are the total opposite!

    Seeing a community come together to help a member out is heartwarming.

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    I did not know about Kim. But I also have been off and on a lot.
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    The thread "I am asking for Help" is still up and on the first OT page.

    He's still holding on, but has had a few set backs. He is back on the kidney list again. He's in and out of the hospital more than anyone is comfy with, though - kidney problems have a way of messing with the coronary system.

    We are all still pulling for him and are hoping he can find a donation that is a match pretty darned soon.

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    As Sal and Jody said, I'm still around and I keep praying for a donor. As Sal knew, I just got out of the hospsital (again :rolleyes: ) Wednesday.
    The WSO is still available and you can get to it by clicking on the picture in my sig. Iv'e had so many unexpected things come up that every little bit helps.
    Thanks for thinking of me.

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    I think EVERYONE would LOVE to help kim, but kidneys are fragile and don't grow back, so Kimw would have to luck out and find some VERY VERY VERY VERY generous person that is compatible and willing to knock their chances by more than 50% to help out, or luck out and soon have someone that is compatible donate their kidneys and die. Both are generally not too likely on any particular day. So Kim is on dialysis to wait till that day. I have never been through it, but MANY tell me dialysis is NO fun, and I know it takes a LONG time, and is expensive.

    Nobody has forgotten kim. I'm sure when he gets the transplant, and I hope he DOES, that he will be back to say hi and thank everyone. Until then, the best he can hope is to stay as healthy as he can.

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