Transformers Dark Of The Moon

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Hi Have you watch Transformers Dark Of The Moon? What do you think?

I think this is a good movie, and I believe they have put in a lot of effort + money + energy in it.
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    Saw it with the kid and even though it was in 3D I still had a hard time staying awake.

    But I must say that 3d is fantastic.


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    I thought that the movie started out really strong, but then lost steam quickly after the turn.

    It's action packed. The new female lead is very good looking and maybe a better actress than Megan Fox was. The special effects are out of this world. The scene on the highway when the decepticons are chasing Sentinel are spectacular--especially once you realize everything is real except for the Transformers and select explosions.

    Story-wise, like I said I felt the movie was a bit weak after the 60 minute mark or so. It's more straight forward than the second one, but I enjoyed that movie more overall. It's not better than the first one of course and I will probably see it again in theaters.
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    It was awesome I thought!! I watched it in 2D, can't stand 3D in the cinema.
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    I watched it already and for me it's amazing though it is almost 2 and half hours

    Let them eat cake!

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    I would like to see it and my oldest son wants to see it, so we might go one night soon and watch it. It looks like it would be quite good.
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  • My friend told me its quite boring. . Cos the new leading lady doesn't know how to act.. I haven't saw it though!. . Wish i could watch it with my husband!.
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    Very good movie not just for a kid.The story is pretty well made.Lessons are there.Two thumbs Up.
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      Yes, now a days the 3D effect is over Amazing, seems like they can do just anything!!! YOu can see how they squeeze up the city, buildings.. and it looks REAL! It totally blow my mind!
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    I love this movie! One of the greatest movie i've watched this year..

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      It is indeed a great movie! Love it!
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  • going to watch it tonight i heard its not so good as the first 2 parts lets see
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    planning to see it with ma few friends.

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    Yeah, the movie awesome! I love it! I watched it 3 times.
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      I pray that still got Episode 4!!!

      Transformer make a lot of money, should continue!
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    I finally got around to seeing it. Thin on plot and lots of spectacle. My kind of summer flick.
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    haven't seen it...
    Can't wait to watch it though..
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