Getting Organized - and then staying organized.

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Not a how-to, actually the opposite as I'm looking for tips from those who are naturals at this, for those like me who are of the 'creative chaos' type, who thrive on our disorganization until we hit the point where that disorganization requires a reorganization to remain productive.

This is a particularly timely thread for me as I have a 2 day drive (moving) that begins Monday night and will keep me offline until I reach my destination.

Once there, unpacking aside, I need to organize the reams of materials (newsletters, online & offline tools, e-books and other documents, etc.) into something more coherent that I can better find my way through rather than fumble my way through. This past week has been a particularly disorganized one as I've been juggling the move with tying up some loose ends on the sites I have until I'm moved.

Some of you guys (and girls) are naturals in this realm and you likely have methods of keeping it organized I'd never come up with because my brain just isn't wired that way - yet I could implement some version of whatever pointers you're willing to share, toward de-cluttering things and then keeping it organized.

Footnote: between the move and offline time, I may not get to read them right away, but all replies will be read and every suggestion is welcome.


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