Who is your most inspiring internet marketer?

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I'm really starting to get into internet marketing but realised I don't really have any stand out inspiring figures. Who inspires you and why?
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    I think Deiss has done very well, he's a good communicator.

    Despite flip-flopping on a few issues for marketing benefits, generally I've found him to project a reasonably minimal amount of BS throughout the last five years or more.

    He's also understood the significant benefits of piggybacking other peoples ideas, by partnering with people with a decent idea, then repackaging it , creating a product and leveraging his list and skills ,he can earn a small fortune by taking somebody elses concept and just push the Aweber "send" button.

    He's sold huge SEO products whilst we all know full well Ryan won't have done any link building himself in the last gazilion years, somebody else is doing all that for him. Shows he also knows how to present a concept well despite not necessarily being the actual "in the trenches" expert on the product.

    Overall he's done a good job, he also keeps on top of almost everything coming out and peers into it to see how he can manipulate it within his business.

    Like all marketers, he's as prone to a bit of hype like the rest of us but on balance his stuff has been extremely valuable and can be applied in real businesses.

    He's one of the very few I have not unsubscribed from.

    Once you get past a certain point in this business you realize it's the same old stuff regurgitated, repackaged, converted from one medium to the next, you're far better just getting on with something than worrying about the latest , greatest new guru product to come out.

    Much like the WSO section, 99% of it is total outdated trash.
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      Cory Rudl - One of the pioneers and a true genius (He has passed away though)

      Willie Crawford - He does what he teaches instead of teaching what he can not do.

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    Frank Kern mate - he is extremely funny and super cool...yet when you get to know him, you realize he is brilliant at what he does...Rich Schefren is another good one..
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    Frank Kern is definitely a great inspiration to me. His "Core Influence" have had a major impact on my network marketing career. He is fun and cool and honest. Actually when I watch him speak he doesn't feel to me like a network marketer. That is meant as a compliment. I think that to many network marketers are trying to hard to sell and be hypey.

    Another dude is Jason Cardamone who has actually introduced me to network marketing. Or it is his words that has propelled me to do what I currently do. He might not be as well known, but he is very much down-to-earth and most of all a great motivator. He is actually the one who has taught me the most in this industry.
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      Frank Kern without any doubt.
      He's honest, he doesn't mess around. He gives you what works, he shows you how to do the stuff and makes it so easy to understand.

      The free stuff he gives you is better than 99% of the stuff people are paying for now days.

      He has that effect on you, that makes you want to buy from him all the time.
      I love his honesty - and he's built an amazing relationship with his list.

      Of course we can't be like Frank Kern or anyone else, but i aspire to be the type of marketer he is....

      The story of his life is pretty inspiring too. Its pretty crazy infact, if anyone saw the webinar he did with Ryan Deiss the other week - you'll know what i'm talkin about.
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    Sorry posted this in the main forum and then it disappeared - I assumed it was cancelled or something. Thanks for the replies - will look these people up
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    Ofcourse the Internet guru Frank Kern... He is the one who teaches us to get from someone what we want from him !
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    Faud Tolib. since he released his Twitter + Yahoo pipe method
    when i read his wso and i had only 1 word " GENIUS "
    Outsource Your Offline Business Projects. Just Send me a PM :)
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    Willie Crawford is one of the best if you ask me.
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    Who is your most inspiring internet marketer?

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    for me Brad Callen..i know a lot about seo from him .. great guy by the way
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