i need fixing my life by learning urs

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hey, my name is Daniel. 23 year old from the biggest desert in the world!. i'm really interstad in the possbility of making money thru the net, though i have extrem lack of training or expirience, actually none. i can compensate that with hardwork and commitment. untill now, i had doubt's, i admit. but so far i failed almost everything else i've tryd in life and it seem nothing is working for me anymore and i can't depend on my perents no more to support at my age, so as the(possibly) last resort i came here to study and follow. i read alot of article's in here, few problems i ran into we're: slight lack of english to understand everything, i have no money to buy any guide or a mathod, i have no webpage to use pay for click and etc, well i have nothing but huge desire to do something useful with my life, becouse due to madical problems i can't work full time on a daily job. i'm really looking forward to find someone to pick me up and train me and possibly make me his assistent, i will do anything, seriously anything! not to let anyone down i can work 24 hours a day none stop whatever it takes do anything anywhere anytime, and u have no idea how i really mean that. thank u
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    Hey Daniel, PM me and let's talk, OK? I may have something that could help you.

    Donna Morrow
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    Hi Daniel - That's a pretty heavy request of people who are often caught with a lack of time for their own support. I suggest when you have specific questions to use the "search" feature on the menu and read the years of posts on those issues. You will find ways to put up a site with no money - such as a blogger.com site. You will find posts that instruct you how to get affiliate products, or to make your own. There is everything you need to get started already posted in the WF. Once you gain enough knowledge from the posts that you can ask specific questions, you will find if you post them, people will answer them.

    You might be using a translation dictionary, but you can do it. For now, though, you have to stop thinking about all the things you can't do and concentrate on what you can do and what your interests are.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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      Hey Daniel, PM me and let's talk, OK? I may have something that could help you.
      Neither of you has reached the member level of posts to use the PM system. There is a posts limit on PMs for a reason.

      Saving one dog will not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.
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        See, Kay, I didn't know that! Thank you, Ma'am. I was reading in another area earlier and found a post that answered my question about why I didn't see a Thank You button. I appreciate it!
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    Oh My Goodness! What an interesting site! Thanks, KEN!

    Daniel22, go look at the site that Ken_Caudill just posted! I need to show that to some folks! And HeySal said a mouthful! Go read and search for free resources, guy. I do that a lot.

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    Thank u for the site Ken, i will look into it!

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