Does Anyone Else Here Go On Domain Purchasing Binges?

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Looked at my domain provider accounts this morning and it's astounding how many domains I have purchased and done nothing with. For example, I'll come across a domain that sounds cool and just purchase it or I'll see 3-character .com domains (my weakness) and have to buy them. I have spent over $850 just in the past week and a half on domains - to be honest, I'm not even sure I'll really use them all.

I can't be the only one who loves to buy domain names. Anyone else like this?
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    You're not alone. I buy lots of domain names. My rule of thumb is a humble 600% bare minimum net profit for a domain.

    Project HERE.

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    Domainlining again ? - Call VRE Anonymous @ 1-800-555-1212 :rolleyes:jk

    I know completely how you feel...they seem like a great idea at the time...
    Build some quick pages and flip those flopjacks!
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    Yes, often do.

    Got the buying part down to the T, just need to work on the flipping side of things.
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      I'm always looking for new domain names. Some I build a website and flip it. Others I wait a year or so and sell it.
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    Crystal, You are not alone I'm a "domain-aholic " too, I just cancelled 5 domains that I got 3 years ago, these domains were event related, they seemed a great idea at the time but not anymore. For me buying keyword related Domains worked better because I know for sure that there is a market for it and I sold a few of these domains & sites, one of them was in The IM niche" facebook" related. But I didn't sell a single Domains from the "Cool" ones, I guess I've learned my lesson
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