Don't you just love Winter?

by man5 26 replies
Next to Fall, Winter is my favorite season.

Do you love Winter? What do you love about it? Have you gone skiing or snowboarding?

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    Actually - I like summer. Love the heat, hiking, gem hunting, sunshine......everything.

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    I love winter!!!!!

    As long as I am in Australia during december-march :rolleyes:
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    During winter, no need to water the lawn, run the A/C, worry about the heat, etc...
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    I hate heat!! :p

    I would move to the UP MI If I could talk my wife into it.
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    I prefer spring where the weather is just fit otherwise summer is too hot but can be enjoyable

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    Winter used to be my favourite season, but i'm definitely becoming less of a fan these days lol Its too cold Summer has to be the best season, I love christmas and new years eve, and hanging out at the beach too.
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    Every season has its own taste. So try to enjoy every season.Winter and summer both are equal for me.
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    I like to drink coffee in winters.
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    Not my favourite time at all. Hence I do not miss the UK and its awful weather!
    Now it is sunny and hot everyday, just how I like it.
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    I love Spring... feels so fresh..
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    Last winter we had record lows and were begging for summer to arrive. Summer is now here, with record high temperatures, 100+ for 40 days and counting...

    Please, bring back winter
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    I like all |o| Spring is well.
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    My favorite is spring because that is when everything is born. Flowers start to bloom, baby animals are born etc..

    I'm not a fan of winter because everything appears so dead.
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    Yes I love winter as my body never perspire.
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    I like the spring and autumn, the temperature of these two seasons are the most comfortable
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    Yes, I do like winter.

    Winter weather can be pretty, IMO. And I like getting wrapped up warm when I go out. Never been one for walking about in a t-shirt, shorts and flipfops. Not my thing at all. In the summertime, I spend so much time being bitten by insects, bothered by other people's loud, crappy music, sweating profusely and feeling run-down and lethargic to focus on much of anything else. Not only that, but in summertime you cannot go anywhere without being surrounded by swarms of people. Good weather translates into "party time" for so many, and, being quite highly introverted, that really bugs me.

    Autumn / winter all the way.
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    I like winter...It brings some nostalgia..
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    hat's the one thing I miss about the midwest... xmas just isn't xmas here In San Diego, it's always 70ish F
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    JUST like me ...I love winter! I do not know why people are obsessed with heat. I hate it....Id live at the South Pole if I could! Freezing cold, log fire.....beeer, women (wife ) What could be better? :-)

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    l love winter so much, its my favorite session.
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