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Hi, I am looking at hitting ppv and wanted to know a few things before I set the path of getting things set up and start investing my cash. Prosper202 offer a hosted solution for tracking as well as the self hosted. If I go self hosted I need a new domain and hosting to run on but I wondered why I wouldn't use their hosted tracking202 solution if it is free to use? Does anyone currently use their hosted tracking? Why would I want to self host if so. Do they run slow servers maybe. At a guess I assume I would go self hosted if I intent to run huge traffic, Which I doubt I will initially while I get to grips with testing ect. Does anyone know the speed, or traffic limitation to prosper's hosted tracking?. I just don't want set up with their hosted solution only to realise it is't suitable for ppv volume traffic. Faulse economy if my stats end up wrong, Might as well do it properly from the start.

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