No reserve GTR on eBay. Dealership says they won't let it go unless he pays more

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Won ebay auction at 55.1K for GT-R, Honda of San Marcos - MY350Z.COM Forums

News : Dealership Refusing To Honor Nissan GT-R eBay Motors Sale?

I wonder what's going to happen to the dealership :p
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    That will end up costing the dealership way more than the lousy $3,900 they are trying to scam the buyer for.

    I would sue for full price of the "car + lawyer fee + court cost", If they wanted to be aholes about it.

    I won eBay auction item number 220823902975. I spent hours to watch this auction and won it at $55,100 sunday afternoon.
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      This had happened before with dealers, inc one down by me, dealers generally end up f'd and in trouble for false advertising. Bid is binding between buyer and seller.
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