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Hey guys... I've just been stuck on something for the last few days and I realised today, why not ask some of you guys here. First let me give you a bit of a background before I give you the question.

I'm 18 and pursuing a full time career of Internet marketing (pretty much anything that I can run with just an internet connection and a laptop). So at the moment I have a few affiliate websites up, and got a small writing service, but I'm wanting to grow bigger and bigger in the future so that I can live off the income. At the moment it really isn't much at all after expenses. So it is a goal, and a dream, not a reality just yet. The real goal is to travel the world for 1-3 years and just run my businesses from different countries and have the income to sustain my lifestyle.

Anyway, I'm in Australia and our schooling years are from February - November every year, so I am currently just over halfway through my FIRST university year. I am studying a business degree, majoring in Accounting and Banking/Finance. It will be 4 years (if my online business takes off though I am thinking of deferring indefinitely though). So right now I'm not far off finishing my first year.

Here's the dilemma... I'm really just hating it. I have no passion for it, the real passion is with my online business. And because I have no passion for it, I don't get "into" it as much as some of the others and I'm left lagging behind all the time, just scraping through. I know that when the 3rd and 4th year comes I'll be stuck more. Right now I'm thinking of dropping the accounting major, and I'll be left with just a banking/finance major (giving me just 3 years so that's cheaper and shorter), plus I don't mind the banking/finance because a lot of it is about investing and I can apply it to my personal life. Accounting on the other hand is focused at company accounting, which I'll probably never apply because I'd hate to work in such a repetitive field and if I ever had a company that big I'd be delegating all that work.

So options:

- Drop it down to a single degree (banking/finance).
- Keep going and just struggle through it without passion (remember it's not HARD, just tedious and I have no motivation).
- Or take up another major like marketing/management.

I know some of you will ask why am I doing university? Basically, the whole online thing will take a while to start up, and if anything ever happens to any of my businesses, Google, Internet, ANYTHING... I want something I can fall back on to pay the bills. A degree, in Australia, is unfortunately needed before you can apply for nearly any professional office job, even if it's in a totally different field.

Are there careers you guys think will suit my goals and passions (travel, self employment, outsourcing a business, online business, etc)? Is there something that you guys pursued yourself, and then realised that it is similar to online marketing? Any opinions would be grateful, as I'm just getting insight from people who may have experienced the same things.

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