Not having money/job is the worst feeling in the world.

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I'm sure all of you have gone through it at some point in your life. Besides losing someone you love dearly, not having a job/money is a terrible feeling, don't you think? Not being able to pay rent at the end of the month, no money for food..etc.

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    I currently have no job. Actually I haven't had a job for almost 2 years. I'm just living on the money I have saved up. I can actually go another year without working...
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      Originally Posted by TowelieTowel View Post

      I currently have no job. Actually I haven't had a job for almost 2 years. I'm just living on the money I have saved up. I can actually go another year without working...
      Previously have you worked for bank robbery or what ? :confused: ... i mean everybody saves the money but i guess they won't be able to save so much that they can spend three years without earning a penny !
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    I get it. My best friend and his entire call floor he worked for was just called in on Fri and let go. God bless unemployment. Oh and GB IM.
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    It is already known that having no money can take away your self esteem....that is why it is said that, "when adversity strikes you get to find out what you are really made of".
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    It is but also dropping out of school while others go to it is also as worse. :*(

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    That's very sad when read name of this topic. My god, I don't thinks How am I? When don't have money or job...
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    wow - living for three years on savings. Incredible. With a bunch of teenagers I would need to have a bankload of savings to do that!
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    In the late 90s I hardly had any money at all. I remember walking a couple of miles into town, just to get out of the house, but not having any money. When you can't even go into a cafe or coffeeshop and buy the cheapest drink it's pretty depressing.

    I can remember one time that I counted up all my change and I had 70-something pence (which is just over a dollar) and I had a choice:
    • Take a bus into town (or take the bus home)
    • Walk and be able to buy a can of coke
    I chose the latter and walked into town. When I got there I realized buying a coke gives you a drink but not somewhere to sit and drink it other than a bench, if I could triple the money I could get an expresso in a coffeeshop.

    So I went into a bookmakers (where you can bet on horse and dog races off-track) and started studying the form. After a while, I couldn't find a horse worth backing that ran within the hour (I didn't want to wait 3 hrs to get the money) so I put the 70p on a greyhound. My 'system' for the BAGS is any dog better than 4/1 that looks like it stands a chance.

    Miracle of miracles and the dog won. I went up to the counter and collect 4 lots of 70p and my original 70p back.

    Walking out the bookmakers with those pound coins in my pocket felt so good - good enough to help put out my mind the embarrassment of placing a bet made up of loose change on the counter.

    I went to a charity shop and bought a paperback book for around a pound (I had £3.50ish to spend) and went into a coffee shop to read it over coffee. With the money I had left I took the bus home rather than walking.

    The fact that that constituted a great day shows what average days were like. That week some old friends phoned and invited me out for a few drinks. Getting enough together for a coffee is do-able, several drinks? Impossible. You lose friends the slow way when you've got no money.
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    my friend said to me.. no money no honey.. hahaha..
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    @ Kierkaard - Very humbling story. I can only imagine the adrenaline you would have felt while watching that greyhound race!

    You know its an interesting thing that when we have money we tend to take so much in life for granted but during the times we don't then even the littlest of things like the ones you mention (i.e. being able to take the bus downtown or enjoying just a single cup coffee in a cafe) we appreciate so much more.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    I was on top of the world for 11 straight years. Then I lost everything, money wise and emotional wise. Lost my wife and a lot of "friends".

    I then went on a 8 year jobless period trying to survive with days where literally had no food to eat and lurking around dumpsters to get some food. I took on occasional jobs loading and unloading in the port.

    I live in an underdeveloped country so those kind of jobs pay around $2 an hour.

    But you know what, it was a "journey" and it comes a time that you no longer have that feeling of "needing" money. In the last three years I turned to Offline marketing, and even though I have more money than I need, it kind of became superfluous.

    I drive an small korean kia car, don't need more. Live in a comfortable but small apartment with all the basic stuff.

    I wouldn't it considered the worst feeling in the world. And certainly I wouldn't even consider it to compare it to the feeling of loosing somebody you love.
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