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Hi all,

I'm new to the forums and to IM. I hope to read and learn from the pros before I get too far in over my head.

Let me know if I get to be a pain in the butt along the way, I'll try to research my questions before I post them.

I have purchased a WSO today, and am working through it as I type. I hope to be putting it to use in a week or so, just to test the waters.

Thanks for having me!
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    Welcome to the WarriorForum Bill!

    You'll find plenty of information, I hope you have a great time
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    Hello and welcome to the forum it is a real pleasure to meet you hope that you enjoy your stay here.

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    Nice to meet you when joined big family of Warriorforum.
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    Welcome to the WF. This is something awesome. I hope you have a great time here.
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      hi guys.....am John morkel belong to india.. me too new visitor to this forum... I would feel pleasure to join this site..
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    We all have to start off one day, don't we. welcome guys!
    Its an everyday learning process.
    Suddenly everything online is "Weird." Fat loss tricks. Muscle building tricks. And more. But what's REALLY weird is getting 100's of leads and $394 DAILY
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    You're welcome in this forum, its a good avenue for learning.
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      Hi Bill,
      Nice to meet you! There is lots of information here at Warrior Forums, take care of not going into information overload (something I did immediately! LOL):rolleyes:

      A couple of things I learned that might help you. You cannot send PMs until you have made 50 posts. and your PMs are limited I think to 10 unless you go ahead and join the War Room, then it's like 400. I think it's $37 but you will find you get way more than that back in value because some of the WSO's offered are offered there for free for the War Room so more than pays back the $37 investment which is good years (can't remember how long, just know it's a one time payment, not annual).

      I have found everyone here to be friendly and helpful. The off topic section is a great place to vent about everyday life. Very supportive, like a family, so a great place for emotional support or even a lively discussion about something you feel strongly about.

      Again, Welcome!
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