Whoa! Is This Guy Crazy?

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Freddy Nock, Stuntman, Walks Tightrope To Swiss Mountaintop (PHOTOS)

Maybe I feel this way because I don't like hights.

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    woah that takes a lot of courage, props to him

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    LOL... will never try even for $1 billion.

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    Crazy, stupid, supremely confident, suicidal, daring...a lot of words could apply, which one is most suitable is hard to say.

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      Some people just want to leave their mark in the world. If I tried that, the only mark left would be a splat down below.
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    Gee this guy is crazy looks he did not use any insurance policy
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    Wow, cool! But, walks on the read is still better. LOL
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    He is truly crazy.
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    Do it? As soon as I read the OP comment I knew I couldn't even watch it. Why would anyone do such a thing when there is a perfectly good mountain to stand on right there?

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      I'm with Sal!

      As soon as I read the headline, my palms got sweaty, my heart started palping and I found it difficult swallow, gulp!

      Does these mean I'm allergic to heights? haha!

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    I could never do anything like that in a million years. I'd fall down after 3 feet. (Haha)
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    he surely one of a kind... i cant imagine doing that...
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    woah that takes a lot of courage
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    Some people do them in real which we think to do in our dreams !
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    Crazy guy! Takes some real skills to do something like that with confidence B-)
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    Well...be proud he have all the courage to do such thing...But please don't tolerate your wildness my friend (whoever in the photo), you might get an accident we don't know...
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