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This is just a reminder that bad stuff does happen to good people.

Today, I lost lots of content on my forum. I have some great members because they are actively posting still like nothing has happened.

Today I learned a hard lesson. BACK UP YOUR FILES AND DATABASES. It can happen to you and me.

I deleted some of the database and it really upset me. I have been working on it all day since noon today. Just got finished and restored all that I could back.

Just wanted to remind people it is important to back up your files to prevent this kind of thing.

Wish you all the best of luck. I am getting off to relax a little.
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    It should be an everyday thing.

    Develop a routine if your host does not
    have an auto-backup plan. If they don't,
    you can definitely get a automatic back-up
    service to do it for you for only a few bucks.

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    I needed a reminder about backing up. Thanks, Ahang!
    Elizabeth Sheppard
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    Glad to help. I will be doing it myself every day. My host did a back up today by the way right after my crash. I was so upset. They do not even keep the prior back up. They delete it. That to me is not cool.

    I actually set a reminder on my outlook to go off every single day at a certain time that I know I will be online.

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    Sorry about your site and thanks for the reminder.
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    ahang - I had my whole php system chewed up on my site a few years back - 3 years to build that site - a matter of minutes to lose it. Built it back up but it's not to the point it was before I had to drop the files.

    Sucks to learn things the hard way. I've learned to cruise the forum and see what crap other people are going through because I'm not a tech and it's the only way I have to learn anything before a disaster. Thanks for posting that - you might have saved someone else's rear.

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    Beyond the Path

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