Are you happy with Credit Card ?

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Are you happy with your credit card ?
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    Credit card companies are parasitical looting entities. Purchasing items with them certainly demands compromising ethics. Why should credit card companies and vendors earn percentages of business owners cash flow each time a customer makes a purchase with a credit card. That is plain parasitical and evil.

    Project HERE.

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    I've had my ****ing card maxed for like 2 years now paying the minimum 20 bucks a month losing that ****. Hell no man. Just to build a damn credit score.
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    Wow thunderbird, I like the way you think! Yeah, if each country got together and started its own network, that could tie together, and charged say 12% for Purchases, it would NOT only pay for itself BUT, in the case of the US, enable the country to do away with all other taxes. Canada, or example, could do the same sort of thing. Maybe even tie it into the ID card.

    Do you have any idea how much it costs for printing, coining, storing, shipping, tracking money? Of course, it IS a good idea to have SOMETHING tangible in case of failure.

    STILL a bad idea, but it makes more sense. Credit cards have become the new money, and are the only real feasible money on places like the internet.

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    Definitely not. It looks awful!
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    Repairguy. It is a MYTH that paying the minimum and maxing out credit gets you a good score. Using more than 70% of your credit, or is it 30% on ANY credit line is considered a BAD sign! So if you had a trillion dollars in credit, made 3 trillion dollars a year, and had a $10,000 card with $7100 debt, and NO other credit used, that would be considered a BAD sign! ALSO, your total credit payments can not exceed 30% of your income, or THAT is a bad sign! SO, if you had a million dollars of credit, and owed say $50 on a credit line of $100,000, you would likely have to make more than $60/month because that $50 debt may have a $20 minimum payment! If you made less, THAT would be a bad mark.

    As for paying the minimum? It doesn't look like they track that! They just care that you have enough credit, it won't hurt you, and you are following the terms.

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    Hello there!it could be yes at the same time depends on how you use your credit cards..
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      Barclaycard blocked last night for no reason from what I understand.

      About to phone them now for the 4th time to try and get it resolved.
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    Not really I have a limit so i can't pay with it online when the amount is over $200. I asked the bank to raise it, but they don't allow it
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      In these times, when the world is run by men in grey suits, you should not be asking, 'Am I happy with my credit card?,' but, 'Is my credit card happy with me.'

      Mine is,it has eternal glow. It is issued by BOA, not the Korean singer. Chernobyl branch
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    Yes although I think they steal me but they save big time!!
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    I would never use a credit card personally. I have never owned one nor do I plan on owning one.

    My credit is above 700, so being only 22, that's considered pretty good. And that was without a credit card.

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      No. Credit Card = Bad.

      Bad Credit Card, bad.
      "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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      Originally Posted by Justin Lewis View Post

      I would never use a credit card personally. I have never owned one nor do I plan on owning one.

      My credit is above 700, so being only 22, that's considered pretty good. And that was without a credit card.
      Over the past few years, the fico score has been replaced with the vantage score. With fico, 700 is pretty good. I believe it would be like a low A. With vantage, it is like a low C! Once again, words, and even NUMBERS lose value! MY score one day shot up about 200 points on ALL agencies! Want to guess why? YEP! They changed the fico score to vantage. My score was SO high that nobody ON THE PLANET has a fico score so high! WHY? Because the upper limit of fico is lower than for vantage!

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    BTW FICO is 300-850
    VANTAGE is 501-990

    One site CLAIMS the upper scores could be used to estimate, so a 700 vantage score COULD BE 601, which would be bad. Companies start to treat you badly if you are below about 620. Of course you COULD have a fico of 700, and a vantage of 815, which would be at LEAST a HIGH B.

    Oh well, just a thought...

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    I think its just a matter of how you use your credit card that makes it either good or bad. Having a credit card makes you easily get what you want however you must also know how to budget your money to pay off your cc.
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    I'm just wondering why a guy in India has Miami Real Estate links in his signature. This confuses me. You don't suppose the thread was started to get a signature link, do you? :rolleyes:

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    i guess my credit card is kinda ok
    it's ok when i use them
    it's not ok when it's time to pay for them
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    Credit card is not really depends people who use credit card..sometimes we did not use carefully are credit card so when it comes on payment it feels like terrible.haha
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    I had lots of credit cars in the past. I currently have zero. We do not plan on changing that number.

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      I am very happy with my credit cards. I basically don't use cash any more because I like them so much.

      However, I learned right from the start that if I didn't have the cash on hand ready to pay for it, then I don't buy it. Paying off the entire credit card bill every month is the only way to go. The rewards that some of them offer are great as well as the convenience of not having to carry cash.
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    its ok as long as you pay on time
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